PSM Tourney Results May 13, 2006

Finally arriving home at around 0630 due to blocked off highways, getting lost trying to find another route, and other bullshit I am still awake and able to post the results for MvC2 for you all. Results for 3S, CvS2, and GG will proceed as other people with that info will post that.

1st- DucVader
2nd- Potter
3rd- Chunksta
4th- Ace
5th- Reset
5th- Jay
7th- Deus
7th- Combofiend
9th- Albert
Etc… I didn’t get the chance to get all the names, they’ll get posted up later

As far as the matches that you are just dying to see (especially Duc’s ashtonishing bird-flip win pose… TWICE, and the trash talk) I’ll try to get them up by Tuesday and most likely be available if you connect to Direct Connect ++ (SSBM hub formerly Goforbroke) Fuck Youtube… that shit kills quality, but I may consider trying to put maybe ONE match due to popular demand… and payments via paypal :wgrin:

Cool… I have 4 tapes with nothing but Marvel. Casuals that I’m just going to name Match 1, 2, etc… I’m waiting for a copy of the bracket so I can get names for the players on the tapes. My other cam raped the other 2 tapes as they were Hi8 so I could only get as much as 2 hours per vice 4 like on the other 2. So we’re looking at about 10 hours of Marvel goodness.

Awesome Thx for the results!!!


24 Entries

1st - Cumbo (ABA)
2nd- Ruin (Eddie)
3rd- Ken I (Potemkin)


Roughly 40 or so entries

1st - Cumbo (K-Sak/Rolento/Cammy/Ken)
2nd - Amir (A-Vega/Blanka/Sak/Bison)
3rd - Jal (P-Kyo/Sagat/Cammy)
4th - Warren (K Ken/Cammy/Sagat)

Rotendo - I am sorry to inform you that my laptop crashed right after the tournament and i lost all brackets for marvel. Please dont kill me. I know youre black and buff. =[

gg’s to everyone


CVS2 WAS RLLY HYPE! gg’s to everyone great tourney

Fun tourney, quite long, hope to do it again. Shout outs to the usual suspects and especially Eugene for throwing it down as usual. I used K Ken, Sak/Rolento, Cammy 2 btw. No Sagat.

Wait till ECC all your fucking honor will be mines :rofl: hahaha muahahaha hahahahahahhahah

Good fucking tourny, big ups to Eugene for setting it up, good shit to everyone that was there.

I hope someone followed combo around all tourney and taped everything =P

Just wanted to say first thanks to everyone that helped run all the tournies and set everything up. GGs to everyone I got to play in GG before and during the Slash tourney. It was indeed very packed but a lot of great competition as well, I’ll be making the next one for sure. Thanks.

Also All the Slash tourney and casuals matches were recorded on VCR I think Jo will be converting those not sure when though. He will post up with the details on that, take care.

Good games this was my first westcoast tourney… I was the eddie Ky chipp anji player on pad… Nice to meet alot of you guys defenitly justice Id the chipp player hanzo…

also could we get full results for GG when you get a chance…

as long as that money goes 100 percent to eugene for throwing the tournament…

GG’s to everyone, except for watson, guy sucks at marvel.

PSM tournies are dope =D.

For me the highlight of the night was Duc and CJ , you guys made my fucken night hahaha.

wow and the dips getting top 5 in marvel, cvs2 and in slash <3.

To the guy that I beat in cvs2, fuck man you should’ve had won that match against me, sagat is fucken gay =[.

Hopefully you guys can run one more PSM tourney this year at least. I would hella show up and go 2 and out…=D

GG’s to everyone. However, tournament lasted like 1583209532 hours and when the tourney began i had to play against cableguy (who i play all the time in norcal) after winning 2 matches… Anyways props to duc do for winning the tourney and good shit to everyone i played.

-Potter, i’ll step my game up before ECC >=]

-Ruin, you got your 10 bucks back from Evo last year, ya happy? hahah

-Duc Do, good shit sending me back to the kitchen giving me the WOP 3-0. i’ll step my game up for you too >=]

ECC is 12 days away! HYYYYYYYPEEEYYYYY!!


gg chunk, that was the craziest match i had in a long time hehe

thanks to eugene again for running it

Omg ACE, GET OFF ME! (no homo) lolololol. MSP is too good, im fuckin using that shit. GG’s Ace!

P.S. Just wondering, do you like hardcore metal music?

:amazed: :mad: :lp: :lp: :r: :lk: :hp:


WTF!!! I guess we’ll just have to wait in between games to guess who is playing by looking at the reflection from the screen. I know most of the players name… as long as I can get one person’s name per match, it’ll be like this: Nam vs ??? or Some Asian Guy vs Some White Guy and if there are more matches with different Asians, White, Blacks, etc, then it’ll be like this: Some Hispanica Guy vs Some Black Guy ver 2.0, 3.0, or 3.5 if their mix.


3s Results (If I remember it correctly):

1st: Amir
2nd: Mutant XP
3rd: Watson?
4th: Hungbee

I don’t remember the rest =x

I’m tired. I’ll reply sometime later on about the tournament.

PS: Frickin 54 entries for Marvel and 56 entries for 3s O_o??!!

raging demon is light kick instead of medium…?