*PSM Tourny Results on 07/17/04*

i don’t remember too much and i’m kinda tired…but I remember the top 3.

1] actually, i don’t remember…it’s either hungbee or paul lee.
3] amir

1] combofiend [a-eagle,bison,rock k-rolento, cammy, sagat]
2] amir [a-blanka,sakura,bison]
3] evil elvis [c-ryu,sagat,xx a-ken,sakura, xx]

1] amir [msp]
2] ace [msp]
3] potter [doesn’t matter, he’s a beast]


-my match with djb13. i need to remember what hits and what whiffs with certain characters.
-my match with amir because i need to remember what characters have invincibles dp’s and not ‘assume’ they do. =]
-i thought it was funny as hell watching r2 blanka and r2bison duking it out in a groove.

-mvc2 was too random for me to remember.
-i remember ace doing some weird killer shit with psyloche.

i’m tired.

thanks for coming y’all. see y’all next time.

  • EDIT: This wasn’t Dasrik, I dunno who posted it, it was probably Potter though.

For 3s:

1st: Paul Lee
2nd: Hung (Hungbee)
3rd: Amir

only like, 2 dp’s in all of cvs2 aren’t invincible bitch, do it deeper, use that big wang of yours so you can do it deep as possible

money match results of the millenium:
First to 10 in 3s:
pozzle da chump 6

gg’s to paul lee in cvs;)

gg’s to everyone else.

thx eugene for the excellent tourney, everything was tight and it was coo to jus chill. thx man.

Tourney was dope, free pizza was dope, and the sticks were dope (as usual). GGs everyone.

With a 40 oz. Good shit Dips, wish i coulda made it but ehh, see everyone at RFC. and Evo is so fucken close, everyone needs to step there game up even if they did already lol.

~The Rillest~

potts av is killa

Great tourney, props to Eugene for the free food.

GG’s to everyone I played.


Can somebody please put this on apex? please? please? The fetus would appreciate it. =]

Nice tourney again Eugene. That new layout was dope and free food can’t be beat :stuck_out_tongue:

gg’s Amir… your msp is still sick as ever, those were fun games :cool: