PSM Weeklie Thread


Ok this is the Official thread so post all questions and comments about the weeklies here.

To start off the first weeklies are gonna start this sat. the 13th.
heres all the info.
what time:5 or 6 (i might change the time so look out)
how much: 3 buck entry fee per game,all tourny cabinets will be on free play.
what games: this weekend will be MvC2 and GGXX.2 weeks from now will be 3S and CvS2. i may change to every week haveing tournys.
where: PSM or pro swap meet. i will give direction as soon as i get them >_<
Cap:all tournies will be capped at 16 sooo if you want to enter come early or give me an advance notice (all you players like potter,kenny or others that come from a long ways.
thats about it…if i missed something let me know.
disscuss and C U on sat.

P.S.-come on fridays too, to check out the sticks and the comp. i may also throw mini 8 man tournies on random games like MvC,MvC2,XvsSF,3S,GGXX,SvCand CvS2…shit maybe even puzzle fighter


carlos throw that shit at 7 on saturday because i don’t think a lot of people will show at 6 and plus i get off work at 7:D


Does that place have TTT and ST?


Yea, a pre-tourny on friday sounds dope since I have that day off. :slight_smile: Maybe like a buck entry fee or two. I won’t be able to make it saturday because of work, so good luck to my boy Albert.

Carlos: Don’t feel bad dawg, you’s da homie too, but you won last week so Albert all the way!!!


ME WANNA GO!! :stuck_out_tongue:


aite i’ll pick u up. can u pay for gas tho?


thankies Def!




Some info to back him up:

-Event Mode will also be setup

-Currently considered Bi-Weeklies, but it may change like Carlos said. We’ll discuss this Carlos.

-Instead of all four games at the same time, b/c that’s a hell load of work, we’ve divided it into two games per bi-weekly. So after the 2nd bi-weekly that contains CvS 2 and 3s, the cycle starts over back to MvC 2 and GGXX.

632 S. Mt. Vernon Ave.
San Bernardino, CA 92410

Check Yahoo Maps or Mapquest for directions.

-Capping is at 16, BUT I may be generous enough, depending on my mood;), to let a few more people in if no more show up.

That’s all for the added details.

Carlos: I don’t have Puzzle Fighter in the arcade right now.


I’ll probably drop by again this Friday after work if I don’t have anything else to do. I need to get back into the gamin scene.


Just canoe your way over to my house and we’ll get hooked up with some rides. Kinda sucks that we didn’t get a chance to talk, when I first saw you at the psm tourny awhile back, you seemed really pissed off all the time. What can I say, I got scared and didn’t want to say shit to you.:lol: Next year nigga. Our time will come.


cool. guess i’ll stop by for the weekly.

eugene - would you have the buttons and stick for me by then? thanks man.


O man LMAO!! for reals? o no i wasnt mad at all…But yesh I will canoe over there ASAP! :stuck_out_tongue:


hey tony! yeah i know what you’re talking about. Dj-B does look pissed off a lot. Like he just wants to punch someone in the face. I dunno man, he gave nsj a lot of dirty looks when he was around here. Especially me. Some of us were kinda scared. Who knows whats bruin in his japanese mind.


But to the others–:stuck_out_tongue:


Bryan: Just your buttons will be ready, but I still don’t have any 360s with me. Most likely I might have to take the 360 to you when Fall Qtr starts at Poly. See you this Saturday then for your buttons.


O yah thank u alot MINI G for giving the 1st place finisher That COLLECTORS cvs2 artwork sticker, for that cvs2 tiourney u did when i was there…I feel lucky and soemthing to remember your tourney by :)…saying thank u if i hadnt said it before.


No prob man:cool: . Actually, for those arcade operators that purchased CvS 2 as a Full Kit when it first released, they receive two sideart (artwork) stickers to put on the machine. I didn’t put mine up b/c I was afraid that they’ll get ripped off by some immature punks; but in my case, there was no room on the 39’ cabinet to put them on:D .

I gave one away to a very good friend of mine and I had one leftover just lying around, so I decided to give it to the first place winner. Congrats again man and glad that you like it.


O DANG!! really o cool cool.
U put it to really godd use because i’m a collector For mANY HTINGS!
Figures, Resin Bust statues, wallscroolls, posters, stickers etc.
For like mainly capcom, snk, marvel, anie etc of my choice.
So thank u again and yes i like it alot :)!
When i have a chance to goto cali again before evo next year, u know what tourney i wanna got to.


I thought I was the only one.:smiley: damn, sounds like saturday is goin’ to be tight… “ME WANNA GO!! :p” Can’t cuz of work. grrrrr.