PSN Adon's for games?



Hello everyone,

I’m looking to play some really good PSN Adon’s in order to get much better understanding of the matchup. I main Rog and Ryu. I live in Miami, Florida so anyone close to or in that area would be ideal for a great connection.




You can give me a shot. I have a suspicion that I won’t teach you much more than how to beat a scrub… PSN name the same as my screen name here.


sure. I’ll be on in a bit.


Me too. Just have to start some laundry.


Feel free to add me:


My friends play with Ryu, lately they’ve been beating me, and I’m not quite sure why. If you got a Mic we could chat a bit.


I don’t get on often, but we can play some games if you catch me online.

PSN: eddosan


I’m not great, but I’ve been wanting to practice Adon vs. Rog so I’d be glad to play. Add richardserious


Some friends showed up just when I was starting to get into the groove of things, sorry about that. As I said, I’m a bit rusty from not really playing Adon for the past two months or so. If you’re down for more matches let me know.

I’m very curious to see how my Dan fares against you…

Eddosan, where abouts are you in Orlando? I’ve been thinking of trying to get some face to face matches going.


always down for more matches.

Richserious,phasy and eddosan I’ll be on tonight


Good stuff yesterday xxTeefxx.

Can’t wait for us to play some really serious matches.

Any more good Adons up for games?


Add me sometime… i also play Fei too if you’re interested in some match-up experience on that. btw i’m west coast though :T


I live near University and Goldenrod, but it’s probably best to find me at Nestor’s meetups on Thursday nights. Check the Orlando thread for more details; it would be great to face a Dan main.


If you are interested

Give my Adon a try I just restarted so I am rusty but no excuses here, my psn is the same as my name on here. It would be twofold really since I need practice against rog and ryu; feel free to add me.


I get on late (usually around 10 or 11) and live in the Bahamas (basically same timezone).