PSN BlazBlue Tourney


Need to get this shit back on top. Taking first 32 entrants.

Single elimination to make it quicker and easier on everyone. First to take 3 matches wins the round. I want this to be as quick and proffesional of a tourney as possible.

When you sign up let me know what character your playing so that can be listed, no switching mid tourney or match ( if your tager runs into nu tough shit ).

Shooting for an january 30th or 31st date.

When i have 32 entrants i will randomly make up a bracket which i will post here so you can see who your playing and add them on PSN.

More details will be added closer to the tourney date.

Get hype or GTFO.

SRK Handle/ PSN Handle/ Character

Jarekov/ Jarekov/ Tao
Dasvanu/ Dasvanu-/ Carl
DaRabidduckie/ Darabidduckie/ Noel
Hadooklet/ Hadooklet/ Litchi
Will08/ ND2130/ Litchi
Ehxaxis/ Ehxaxis/ Jin
DBC/ DaBatCave/ Noel
Sweet Poison/ Welcome2troyland/ Arakune
Launch619/ Launch619/ Litchi
Misterbadguy/ Misterbadguy/ Rachel
Smashly_Crashly/ Smashly_Crashly/ Rachel
Aksiot/ Aksiot/ Litchi
Hamat34/ Edge_reaper/ Ragna
Bloodstein/ Lord_Cruxis/ Bang
ShoryuSwordsman/ ShoryuSwordsman/ Jin
Animefreak6969/ iw2ma/ BANG
Moi_X7/ Moi_X7/ Jin
Heroic_Legacy/ Heroic_Legacy/ Tager
pewpewpew / pewpewpewIM_NEW/ Nu
pharaoh4112/ pharoah4112/ Jin

1st round matchups
Aksiot vs Moi_X7
Sweet Poison vs Bloodstein
pewpewpew vs Will08 aka The King of Fucking Kings
Dasvanu vs Heroic_legacy
Animefreak6969 vs Jarekov
Misterbadguy vs Ehxaxis
ShoryuSwordsman vs Hamat34
Launch619 vs DBC
Hadooklet vs Smashly_Crashly
pharaoh4112 vs darabbidduckie


Oh, sure… sign me up. I haven’t played in a while due to wrist injuries, but I’m taking the wrist brace off next week, so two weeks should be enough to get back in shape.

PSN ID: DaRabidDuckie
Character: Noel


sounds good man.

wtf only 24 views in 2 days… god damn i knew this game was slipping on consoles but what the fuck this is pathetic.


i guess i’ll play. i use litchi

but you’re probably on the wrong forum for blazblue because most people here are capcom marks. try dustloop


Yeah, you should’ve posted this in the BB subforum originally lol. I never check the Online Forums.

PSN: Dasvanu-
Character: Carl Clover

I’ll try to play fair.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to infinite whenever I see fit. lol jk jk


If we play and you dont make that ass clap im gonna be dissapointed.

and i posted a link in 2 BB threads, i didnt want to waste a thread for this but i might because no one is getting in on this.


Blazblue does need more hype now a days sign me up

PSN - ND2130
Char - Litchi


ok well this might be getting pushed back a little bit, but so far im really excited with the variety of characters were seeing.


Understandable since you probably want more players

i dont unerstand how this is so thread is so dead??? Its blazblue people join


I bought blazblue on release day, played it for about a week, removed it from my ps3 and put it on the shelf. Its been there ever since gathering dust. I don’t know why? but I can’t get into it…


Same here bro. I actually bought the collectors edition for my xbox and ps3. I didnt have anybody to show me anything so I put it away after a week too. I would play people that would quit on me and like I said I didnt even know how to play and then there were people who had high levels and saw I was a 3 or whatever and would not play against me at all. I use Arakune.


for sure sign me up lol

psn: ehxaxis
character: Jin Kisaragi (color pallet # 7)


for sure sign me up lol

psn: ehxaxis
character: Jin Kisaragi (color pallet # 7)


good oportunity to get back into it… if you guys want i can get in some player matches with you and show you some stuff.

and exhasis thanks for signing up.


Let’s do this!

PSN: DaBatCave
Character: Noel


Sign me up then man and add me if you have space to your friends list. If you will just get me going enough I will stay with the game, trust me. I can get pretty gungho with fighting games. As I said I like Arakune. He reminds me of Dhalsim only because he is wierd looking.

psn: welcome2troyland


Not sure why more people aren’t entering this… Anyways, my schedule on Sundays is a little tight and I don’t get free until after 8pm EST. As long as that’s good feel free to sign me up.

PSN - launch619 (Litchi)
Location - East Coast US


For anyone that wants some matches feel free to send a friend request or invite. Just let me know that you’re from SRK so I don’t think you’re a random bot or something


Reping Dustloop Online crew.

SRK: MisterBadguy
PSN: MisterBadguy
Character: Rachel

Get hype.


I’m down for the 31st :slight_smile: Yeah Yeah get some!

PSN: Smashly_crashly
Character: Rachel


I’ll join, if there is still some room.

SRK: Aksiot
PSN ID: Aksiot
Character: Litchi