PSN: cant tech throw once against a full green bar player

I know the timing to crouch tech throws, and can pull them like 80-90% of the time.
When I play online I always look for full green bar players and ignore completely yellow bars and below. Now here is the thing: I also try to ignore the players that have blinking green bars because 99% of the time, if I choose to play against them, then their bars drop to red or worse. Now Im in south california ( los angeles ) and there is this balrog player in san francisco. I saw his green bars blinking but still decided to highlight his nickname. It turned to full green bars. I played that guy 10 times, and lost all of them. He threw me 100 + times and I couldnt tech throw him ONCE!
Was the lag the culprit here?

Was the rest of the match laggy? If not, then no. Lag usually isn’t enough to completely distort the 10 frame window you have to tech a throw standing.

We’re you crouch-teching? If so, the timing window is more stringent. You only have 7 frames to crouch-tech after a throw has connected, and if you hit throw anywhere between 1 and 3 frames before that 7 frame window, you’ll get grabbed out of cr.LK startup (This window of vulnerability is larger for slower normals).

If you know what timing your opponent techs throws you can throw him anyway if he’s doing a crouch tech. You just delay your throw until they hit throw tech and then you hit them before their or whatever comes out.

Stand teching eliminates this problem but then you can be combo’d from a low or if you whiff a throw you’re going to eat a sweep at least.

tl;dr You need to throw tech AFTER the throw actually connects.

Meh, its online. What do you expect? it happens