PSN Chun vs Guile match up endless

I’m looking to play some good players on PSN. Anyone interested? Feel free to send invite to:


Thanks guys.

I’ll fight you lol

I’m pretty garbage nowadays, but I’ll play lol

Oh man I just jumped online again. I don’t know why, it amazes me every time how stupid people play and get away with lag. It’s just so stupid that its funny XD

I hope you play like a normal person lol (These guys online are complete nonsense, there doesn’t seem to be any good reason behind what they do).

Playing online helps you get use to gimmicks and such, but also PSN sucks… The average troll shouldn’t give you a hard time at all.

I’m considering just getting an Xbox just for SSF4, lag shouldn’t be that much of an issue if Latif could get that many points and still bring that skill to place second at EVO.

Hey thats the same reason I’m getting one… PSN always use to disconnect me in a ranked fight and i would look like a rager and lose points :frowning: Wanna play some time?? Add me

Maybe when I do get an Xbox :3

Darn,I wanted to spar,But see you then

Hey bro! we used to have some smashing and awesome matches back in the SSF4 days. remember me? I am “MmPierremM”

it was straight up intense chun vs intense guile matches.

it’s a shame, I dont play on PSN anymore I switched to though.

hey man lol yeah i do remember, its been a while. too bad youre not on PSN anymore. On xbox? im tempted to buy one

I switched to PC bro. You should get on PC actually if you have a decently good computer.

Why? Custom mods, better netplay, no PS3/Xbox input delay, no HDTV delay, convenient, and it just looks more beautiful on the PC. The colors and sharpness of the PC look way better as well. Better than an HDTV display.

Also, you can use your PS3 stick/pad on the PC without any cost of extra equipment. You just need your joystick or USB cable+pad to run it and a few software that I know of. I can help you with that.

don’t switch the Xbox though I would rather switch to PC. the competition is different, and some people on PC are pretty crazy too. up to you.

sweet… you know that i already have it on PC? i just dont play cause the graphics blow. im not sure what setting i would need. eg. vsync, etc. maybe you can help me with this? its slow and im not sure if its my graphics card or my computer?

I’m considering 360 as well, would you say there will always be people on PC to play? Are they as good as the 360 players?

I don’t know if they are as good as 360 people, but I will vouch that I got a lot better playing when I moved onto the PC community. In PSN, I already made it to the top back in SSF4 Chocolate days so the competition and also network of challengers was not very expanded. When I moved to PC, of course, the community was very small and lame at first, however letting it grow I discovered some batshit insane players that you don’t find anywhere on PSN.

I can only tell you my experience with PSN and PC. Anyways, the community in PC is not very crowded. When you look for lobbies in Endless, you will not see a list full of open lobbies. It’ll take a bit more work finding good players.

From what I hear, 360 must be paved with gold (flooded with only good players) is that true?

Not played on PSN or PC but the 360 online scene in Europe at least has its fair share of good players (all the top players do use 360 for practice etc…) Also from what I’ve seen of PSN in replays the skill level in general looks pretty poor in comparison overall. In all fairness though it will be as much to do with volume as anything else, more people appear to play the game on 360 so by default there will be more good players…

I run into my fair share bad players and bad players with high points (gotta love those people that grind ranked for points and only learn the mentality to get that one off win rather than learning the game and the match ups and how to adapt)…

Well anyway from my own point of view I’m happy with the people I get to fight on 360 its not all good players but I can always get games against high skilled players (as much cos I either know who are the good ones or at least know where to look for them, who’s lobby’s they are in etc…)

I’m gonna disagree with you, extravagant. I’m a solely PC player, and I get frustrated because if I go to a tournament and meet someone, I’ll ask, “Hey, do you play online? We should get some matches in!” nine times out of ten they will be a 360 player. Xbox is the easiest to network with, though PC has the best networking (eh? ehhhh? puns, anyone?).

Hey OnlineGarbage, I just read your post right now and I realized you needed some help. No problem man! I’ll help out on that.

First, I must ask a few questions…

  1. How old is your PC?
  2. How much did you spend on your computer?
  3. What resolution (720p? 1080p?) are you using on PC?
  4. Tell me, when you ran the benchmark in AE PC, what was the rating you were given. A? B? C?

That’s about it!

Yeah… it sounds like Xbox360 is pretty popular.

I play on PC though dude, maybe we should play each other some time!

Wii Wh1ppet I actually really want to play you though. I have a spare SSF4 PC CD key on a spare Steam account. Would you mind meeting me on PC? I just want you to know that this has nothing to do with proving who is better. I just love playing good players. Love it. A good challenge. Sometimes 1 or 2 hour sessions is a paradise for me. Especially when the skill level is almost exactly the same.

If you have a good PC, I’ll lend you my PC spare account and we can both explorer the PC network and competition together. Let me know, thanks.