PSN Connection Problem for SSF4

Hi so I was wondering if anyone else has been having the same issue. After a match is over does your game freeze and you have to quit the game and go back in. Also ive been randomly signed out of psn in a middle of a match. I dont think its bad connection cause I never had this issue with tatsunoko vs. capcom.

hmm im sort of having an issue which started today also. My game freezes after a Ranked Match during the screen where your rewarded PP and BP. Thats where i have to restart the game, pressing the Home Button and pming people work fine though.

O alrite thanks. I thought I was had a bad connection or something. Its just annoying lol.

i googled the problem and some people say its the PS3 overheating but i highly doubt thats the case.

same here due to the fact that I only played for ten minutes lol. i think something might be wrong at psn or too many people on the server

Same here. Problem started today.

after every ranked match. game freezes for good 5 min.

something wrong w/ PNS while uploading stats or something?

I got this problem too dont need to restart though just wait a a couple of mins and it will work. I think when this happened in vanilla it had something to do with the actual ssf4 ranked servers being updated and maintanance on their end.

I have a almost similar problem that and sometimes i can’t even connect.