PSN connectivity fails after playing a few games


I’m having a really frustrating problem with playing SF4 and Blazblue on PSN lately. It seems that after playing a few matches of either game, the connection progressively gets worse, until I am no longer able to connect to anyone.

In Blazblue it usually takes over an hour of play, but in SF4 I can’t play more than one person before I can no longer connect to anyone else. With SF4, I can find other players, but I get an “Unable to play.” error each time I try to connect after my first fight, whether it’s ranked, player, or championship. With Blazblue, it will simply lock itself into a search for ranked matches, which I cannot cancel short of a hard power off on the console itself. I also cannot connect to player matches in BB, though I can search for them. The odd thing about it is that if I get in a player match in SF4, I can play the same person 10 fights in a row with no issues, but as soon as that other person disconnects and I try to find another opponent, no go.

My current workaround is reconnect to PSN after this happens, but it’s very time-consuming since you have to exit the game to reconnect.

I have a NAT 2 connection as I have set my PS3 to have a static IP with a DMZ assigned to it on my router, with a wired connection. Connection tests run at normal levels for my ISP and area. This kind of thing never happens with my PC games. Any ideas on what could be causing this?

If this is better suited to the Tech Talk forum, let me know.


Are you using openDNS? I never have any problems with PSN, except when I have a spotty connection. If you’re a Time Warner customer, TWC’s DNS is garbage, and that’s probably what’s causing the problem.

Also, I really don’t see a reason to use DMZ, but that’s really your call.


OpenDNS didn’t fix the problems. In fact, it seemed to make things worse, as I was having trouble even connecting to my first match when I used it. The thing is, I have no connection issues during the fights or any GP loss issues.

My ISP is Comcast if that means anything. Also, using a Belkin G Wireless router, though I am using it with a wired connection.