PSN converted player looking for FRIENDS!



Long story short: Played SFIV on friend’s Xbox Live; saw difference; cried; bought a 360/SFIV 360 copy/SFIV 360 TE this week; now playing on Xbox Live!

So anyways yeah, I used to be a Zangief main, but now I’m maining Ryu and playing around with Sakura and Fei Long (But maining Ryu). I’m an old school Super Turbo player, and loved Gief through thick and thin, but eh…I just can’t enjoy him in SFIV at the moment. No long range tick throw shenanigans. No working hard getting through tough zoning. No timing green hands to eat those fireballs. Now it’s just “LARIAT IF HE MOVES,” or “GRAB 'EM IF HE STAYS.” :shake:

But I digress. While I am enjoying Xbox Live’s faster matchmaking, I want SRK 360 buddies now! :tup: PLEASE don’t be afraid to send an invite, any skill level wanted!!! I feel I am above average in general when it comes to Street Fighter, so hopefully I can provide a challenge. But feel free to prove me wrong!

My gamer tag is to the left, but for the lazy:

Th3 Greench

I’m going to hop on right now. Looking forward to playing you guys.


Sup man, glad you have seen the light.

Add Evilj82.

Edit: I bet you’ll sell your stick eventually hahaha.


w00t I’ll add you.

And NEVER, I can’t let this talent go to waste! I’ve only sold…3 sticks I’ve purchased so far!


:lol: Better hope that “light” doesn’t turn red. hint hint RRod wink wink

:wonder: But yeah, use this thread… dood!