PSN Does no one voice chat? Can no one hear me?


So I was so excited. I bought a fightstick and bought multiple headsets from Amazon for a ps3 headset. I ended up buying the PS3 Bluetooth one after getting malfunctioned headsets. It seems like it is working fine. I can hear myself when I test it. However, when I play multiplayer, it seems like no one can hear me at all. I am talking and then yelling for people to taunt if they can hear me. It seems like no one at all can hear me. I can slightly hear other people when their mic is on.

Does anyone know what is going on? I’m pretty sure my mic is working.

Please help, I got the mic so I can communicate and ask for tips from people. And to shit talk for fun.



They can. People are just more anti social than the average anti social gamer on PSN.


Yeah most people are just actively ignoring you.


I’ve asked a bunch of people to taunt if they can ever hear me. Not one person has done it. I feel like it is something else.


Most people with mics on console fighting games are hella dumb so most of us are trying really hard to ignore whatever they’re saying.

It’s 95% of the time rage yelling, or them saying “gg man” after you killed them with meaty sweep 15 times in a row.


lol. My mic works! Time to rage yell!


based on your track record so far I’m sure you’ll be a valuable contribution to everyone’s ears


Thank you. I add flavor to everything, just like my man Dudley.


This may be a long shot, but make sure you are speaking in a popular language. For instance, you may be Cherokee and proud of your heritage, but most PSN users do not know Cherokee and will not understand you if you speak Cherokee.


I’m sure there is a setting to turn chat volume down, pretty sure I have it at zero - you don’t play psn for chats.


Sometimes people can’t hear you because your mic might be too low or their volume might be a little too high like mine is. I try to listen to what he or she is saying. That also reminds me that I have to set up my mic again on psn.


Over the years on xbl fighters, for some reason, mostly black people use voice chat with me. What’s up with that. Just a weird coincidence?


I mute everyone. I’ve fought too many matches where people just play music thru their mic and it sounds like garbled white noise.


Its a fighting game, what else is there to talk about? Most people that I hear with their mics all just rages. I mean unless you’re training the person and actively telling them to stop jumping in on you then theres really nothing to talk about. This isnt a RPG or co-op on black ops call of duty.


the only time I hear people talk over a mic, is people complaining how cheap I am with Storm Sent. Then I went back just to mute everyone