PSN, dropping connection?

I been getting a lot of drop connection like psn cannot connect… psn cannot dns… error this… blah blah. so I’m not sure if it PSN or my internet service provider. what is your experience on PSN?

What’s your ISP provider and are you using a router? If so, check the signal between your PS3 to the router itself. I have no experience at all. I can play all games online without an issue except Modern Warfare 3 (perhaps it’s theater mode). Overall, it’s running smooth.

You can check your ping and connection at or

I have frontier Fios I usually get 36 down and 29 up with 16ms ping. but during evening from 6 to 12 it gets a little worse probably more or less 30 down and 15 up and the ping fluctuates probably more or less around 80ms.

actually I have a question do you guys have a steady ping times or does it fluctuates? I know mine fluctuate during busy times even if I am the only one using it at home?

You’re using a shared connection. If you had a dedicated line (T1 or T3). Then, your connection will stay the same unless you’re doing a lot of stuff on the internet.

I have Comcast High Speed with 34+MB/s download and 7MB/s upload and my ping is an average of 60 - 70 depending on the connection of my neighborhood because they could flood comcast’s server causing us to lag time to time. So, that takes into factor when it comes to gaming/streaming.

You have to look into these to know what you’re dealing with. How many computer(s), system(s), handheld(s), or anything that uses the internet. Also, the brand of your router. Are you playing wireless? Wired? Do you have a Firewall that’s blocking the connection to go from yours to the server?

1 ps3 wired, 1 computer wired, 1 voip wired, and 1 laptop wireless. The routers firewall is enabled

If you have your firewall enable. Then, you need to disable it and see how it runs. Sometimes, Firewall causes lag or issues when it comes to gaming because it’s trying to connect to the servers.

Router firewall has to double check packets before processing them, so turn that off and put a software firewall up on your PC. It will cause a slight lag if you keep it on. Also, what brand is your router? Sometimes they do more than just packet checking.

I use fios default router, which is actiontec rev F.

I probably should just put my PS3 on DMZ?

Hell yes.

I just checked out a PDF user manual for your modem, this one right? You should probably set the firewall to Typical, which blocks stuff to your local network but allows port forwarding and DMZ. So, put your PS3 in the DMZ, with a unique IP assigned to it. Assign a unique IP to your PC and if you need to set up Port Forwarding for it you can. That should be more than enough protection. Also, make sure IP Fragment blocking is disabled, just uncheck the check box. That should be enough for your security settings on that modem. Your PC can use a normal software firewall and your PS3 won’t even need one.

yes thats my router, I did all your recommended settings. so far so good:)

Yea. Using DMZ will help out a LOT.

yeah, thanks