[PSN] East Coast Team Battle Tourney

Get a partner and see what team is the ultimate pair! I am hosting an online tourney (PSN East-Coast only, for connection’s sake) in late August. Here’s how it works:

2v2 teams
Everyone gets put in a bracket, to be made later
Single elimination, you lose and you’re out
5 round games

Report the results of the team matches to palmerfan. I will make brackets later, when I know how many people are in it.
August 14th is the deadline for sign-ups. Brackets will be posted shortly after that day. Tournament will be on August 21. YOU MUST SIGN UP WITH A PARTNER.

Almost forgot, name your character and your partner’s character when you post.
Anyone interested?

HELL YES MOTHERF*CKER. I’ll enter all of these that you can dish out.
My psn - Igotdembombs
Partners psn (no homo) - Wtfyornotazn

I wouldn’t mind a rule change though.
Also, is it character lock?

Online huh? Better than nothing!
PSN: galstafflol
Partner’s PSN: (yes homo) JamusAeons
I doubt we need it, but Team Name is “Not This Shit Again.”

You should mention that this is a PSN tournament in the topic title. Just put [PSN] before the title.

Anybody need a partner that plays Dudley/Fei-Long? Send me a PM so we can get some practice sessions in. I’m in GA and can do alternate weekends.