PSN faithful dudley users!



sup all. similar to the xbox thread, i wanted to see if we could get alot of fellow dudley players together for some casuals and such. If enough people are interested maybe we can even make a team for the UYG team tournaments on the live stream.

I havent played too many high level dudley users ( not referring to bp or pp) and would like to improve myself.

my psn is carterboi87. shoot me a message if your interested. that is all gentleman

Good , average dudley psn players players?

My PS3 dead :[

I played GlitchSRK and MynameisL before.


sucks about your ps3 bro. hopefully they see this thread eventually and are interested. I need reliable people if an all dudley team is to be made :slight_smile:


slicksouthpaw18 is my gamertag. I’m interested, and i can use the experience.


I could use some Dudleys to spar with, I want to level up my Dudley…

PSN: Hyperbomb69


friend requests sent! im online right now at the moment…


I guess I’ll try to join in occasionally… I just tend to stay away from online mode since it makes me fall into bad playing habits.


add me tomorrow school today :frowning:


i just started fighting like a gentleman o.O i’d like to spar as well psn ID- NverM0re with a zero


I’ll play. My name psn is Darkyellow. No guarantees about how good I am though.


PSN is TaiIs340, add me if you want. Can’t play until this weekend I’m at my apartment near school until friday.


Im on PSN Ive been taking a break from dudley but trying to play him more regularly again lately… but Im west coast. Plus I hate the dudley v dudley match. But I’ll still play.


That’s why I’m kind of reluctant to want to play with everyone. It’s not a hard matchup for me, but I don’t really like mirror matches just because I find them boring. Both characters doing the same moves, I don’t know, just not appealing to me.


i do too but if its a good match its a good match regardless if its mirror or not. this is all just about helping your fellow gentleman out with dudley. theres nothing in stone that says we cant use other chartacters too but me personally am interested in fine tuning my dudley. I just want to have fun and maybe add some more cool people to my psn list while im at it. :slight_smile:


good matches slicksouthpaw. good stuff in that set. and dudley mirror matches arent as boring as everyone thinks lol. we need a room of like 5 dud players or more next time. lets make it happen!


I’m very salty courtesy of work and World of Warcraft. But.



as far as im concerned consider me the scrubbiest dudley on PSN.
anyway do hit me up…

PSN: Hyperbomb69


sigh any EU Dudleys wanna hit me up?
vizard2605 <- PSN and XBox360…
need some confidance in myself.
I don’t think i’ve seen much positive change between my Dudley now and him 2 months ago =¬(


cokkles ive had you on my psn list for weeks! lol and Hyperbomb69 i added you already too.

@ vizard2605 i dunno how our connection would be but your welcome to shoot an invite so we can try it out :slight_smile:


psn:flytai45…lookin to better my dudley and jus lvl up in general