[PSN] Free DLC "preorder" costumes avaible now


Just go on PSN, in the same page where you found Ultra update and the costume compatibility dlc
Free for everyone that got the game during 1st week


Any word on if xbox will be doing this as well?


Iirc they said july, and will be not free (probably because MS politics about free stuff)


Edit: here


So they get it free and PC doesn’t either? This is the shit I’m talkin about…I hope this goes through with the Ultra release on PC if they aren’t going to do it after the steam migration .-.


This makes me angry gonna vent my frustration by sending horrible tweets to Combofiend. BTW is there a way to tell if someone has blocked you on twitter? I’ve sent several messages to combofiend and he has yet to reply I wonder if he blocked me because I said some no so nice things to him.


Again, i believe is more a MS stuff than anything
Is likely that if it was for Combfiend/Capcom you xbox guys will get stuff more or less the same day of psn users