PSN Gen looking for Vipes

Hello Viper community, as the title says I’m (a Gen player) looking for Viper practice, really don’t get any practice and would like to know the matchup more :] I’m sure some of you guys want Gen matchup practice also :]

My PSN is: nubbbi
I’m from the West Coast, San Jose area (for connection purposes)

Best way to reach me besides PSN is on AIM which I’m usually always on;
SN: nubigotsoul

I don’t know if you want a 3 bar connection but I live in Hawaii so maybe we can try.

I’d actually like to get some Gen match up experience since I have zip experience. I live in West Coast, Canada so not sure how the connection will be. If it’s below 3 bars I’m out. PSN is Killeykun.

@OneWingedAngel321: Yeah 3 bar I really don’t mind, I just want more Viper matchup exp, I’ll add you on PSN so check your msgs :]

@Killey: Connection shouldn’t be bad, but yeah I’m with you on the connection, 3 or lower I can’t deal with the lag

hit me up. pretty decent i guess.


I’m down for some Gen practice.Hit me up whenever.

PSN: beatsan