PSN Guile looking for Blanka

Dangit if I’m not just asking for irritation here, but I need to build up my confidence against Blanka. Out of all the matches online, the one I fear the most is when I see the green skinned one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bad player by any account, I just have a hard time reading Blanka because I don’t get to fight him all the time.

I’m looking for a Blanka that knows his river run and crossups. I may only be G2 at over 3k but I take down 10k+ on a regular basis.

Sure, I’ll give you a helping hand :), add PSN: Slarvsylta

I was just starting to get deep into SF4 when i just stopped playing for no real reason, the game is still amazingly fun for me. Blanka is my main, I’ve only had a chance to play 1 other person on SRK so i’d love to do some customs. Also i want to get better with my other characters they are no where near my blanka but i can compete a bit.


Cool dude, I’ll add you later then. I’ve got some characters I’d like to improve as well. Right now I main Guile and Cammy but I’m working on my Gouken, Rufus, C. Viper and Sakura as well.