PSN HD Remix: Problems creating lobbies for more than 2 players?

Anyone else having this problem? Scenario: Player A creates a lobby with 2 private slots and invites B and C. If B joins first, then C can’t join and vice versa. The same occurs when B or C hosts. The person who tries to join second just gets the “Joining game…” screen for about a minute, then it goes back to the “Friendly match” menu without an error message. Sometimes it says that the room is full (even though it isn’t). When we tried creating public rooms, sometimes it says 6/6 slots taken even though the room only contains two players. Ping between A, B and C is < 40ms. Anyone knows why this occurs and how to get around it?

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I’ll say this for everyone who hasn’t figured it out yet.

Stay away from PSN HDR, it will ruin your life.

That is all.

so true.

i swear that hdr ran better before the patch

No it didn’t, but xbox does run better post patch.

I’d actually say that PSN HDR is the same post patch, just no more desync from claw, and start colors.