PSN HDR... is it still alive/thriving?

I’m thinking about picking this up for psn if it’s more active than XBL in terms of player and random matches. Is it still alive and easy to find a game online?

Hit the ggs thread for all the players that are worth playing, watch for the NHC, they are pretty rough. :wink:

Alive and kicking. Although we have fewer celebrities and players, I feel the PSN HDR crowd has the same amount of quality players as XBL.

Actually i think we’re having a BIG migration, XBL players are moving to PSN, i wasn’t expecting for that.

We have great players here, tough as hell.

Hey, is anyone else been having major PSN issues the past couple of days? I only managed to get one round of decent matches since Saturday. Do I have back luck?

Im always willing to play different competition but the PSN network is just painful to enjoy…I dont like waiting in a room & when its finally my turn it get disconnected…It can take up to 20-30 minutes to even play a match…

port forwarding…all i need to say to the people whining about lagouts

This really solves it? i get a Nat Type 2, i have a hell of time playing games consistently…

after i opened all the same ports used for SF4 and tekken 6 my HDR experience grew a lot

Or you could just remove your router and connect your PS3 directly to the modem. Best way to play IMO.

But if the guy you’re playing doesn’t have his ports open wouldn’t you get disconnected anyway?

I always have it directly connected to my modem, still get disconnects & hard for me to get games in…

I was able to play about 20games this morning though, until i finally got disconnect…

psn just lags up certain times. sometimes you can get 30+ games without getting booted. but its guaranteed that you’re getting booted off everyday no matter how many games you play.:lame:

Thanks guys. I bought it and it seems pretty active.

Is there a collective thread for HDR PSN names? The one that has all of the other games doesn’t organize by location and it seems pretty dead. Or does everyone just request adds in the GGs thread?

Anyways mine is
PSN- IslandSpice
Chars- Ken, I’ll learn another character if someone requests

Oh man, the tech talk just went over my head. I think I’ll stick to Demon Souls. @_@