PSN lag tactics

I have to post this because after a long set with this kid, it’s obvious he was causing the lag on purpose. It only appeared when him losing was imminent and ONLY then. BlakDanielz in SF4 was definitely using lag tactics.

Our last set was Seth (yes he used seth and thought he was good) vs Fei. I utterly destroyed him, and at the very last second, the game locked up, and before I could move he did a wall jump towards me, but whiffed; and I got my last needed hit in. (It didn’t lag until JUST at that moment).

Another time he was TRYING to mirror me with Fei was getting rocked; the game started lagging hardcore (but he was moving more freely than I was) and he still lost, and those were the only times he used the excuse of “OMFG U WON CUZ OF LAG”.

After I called him out on it during the Seth set, we magically got disconnected.

I didn’t think this was easily possible, but I’m pretty damn sure he was abusing lag.

(Apparently this guy’s name gets around, sorry if anyone disagrees with me, but I saw it happen.)

Yeah, I keep 5 or 6 torrents in pause mode just for this.

Oh, wait, no. I don’t. :wtf:

I’d hope not :coffee:

Playing lag free all day, then it coming down to the wire and suddenly it lags is always suspicious in my book…

  1. nothing wrong with using seth
  2. it could have been you didnt notice the lag until it was close
  1. I have to disagree. Seth is already an OP character; but using him and talking shit to people because you won with him? Because you’re supposed to win against someone who is easily stronger than Sagat? (Yeah he has low HP, but like that matters, you can’t exactly run up and bitch slap him as Fei).

Using him is okay, talking shit and acting like you’re god while using him, is retarded.

2)That’s possible, but in the last fight he stood completely still before the lag and then did an all or nothing leap of faith at me while I was still being affected by the delay. (This also happened in the Fei mirror match in the last round before he lost).

How about you not play the guy and just play against people from here around your region?

Dude IS a ragequitter along with that Ultimacloud and Smokah 33.

Avoid these 3 if you see them.

But don’t sweat it, just move on to the next match.

I’ve had someone do this before as well actually. I thought it was just my imagination, but when I start seeing lag spikes for a third or fourth time in a row during the SAME time (when my opponent is losing), yeah…something is up. It did actually cost me a match at one point though. So I was like, “Yeah, screw this” and I left the session to find a better one.

He mails me asking, “What happened?”. I tell him about the lag, then he mails me again with, “I stop download. Come back”. I literally did a facepalm motion after reading that.

So, I mail him back saying, “Thanks anyway” and he says, “Yeah. You better run”. Damn right I’m going to run away from lag. If my opponent is better than me due to skill, that’s one thing.

But I’ll be damned if I’m going to let some scrub think he’s hot shit for beating me due to lag. Fuck that :arazz:

This has happened to me a few times. One match I couldn’t do any combos because the game lagged every time I tried, and yet the lag magically disappeared when my opponent was attacking me.

Honestly, there’s so many lame people in SF4 online that I wouldn’t be surprised if some people were using lag switches. Remember, BP online is serious. :looney:

google lag switch
hard to prove, but its out there.
another way is to just start uploading or downloading stuff.
things people do to win…:sweat:

i see it too OP & i know its not my imagination.
it could be server side, but it happens whenever i’m about to win or have a large lead.

I do mostly, but not everyone on my Buddylist is on all the time and being a Fei user I need all the practice I can get.
(But yeah I wasn’t freaking out about it, just posted the anamoly and moved on to the next fight)

Luigi-Bo 87, I’ve played you in HDR but not SF4 yet D:< …we should rectify that in the near future.



People actually do these things? What’s the point?

DRC I live in Corpus Christi. Got a more then decent connection and would love to have a set with a serious Fei user. Add me.

If I’m playing Rose and do slide into throw I call that one the luigi-bo special. It’s inescapable online!!! But it’s funny to see that shit work offline.


It’s (easily)escapable, you just ass.:bluu:

How does somebody abuse lag? I only ask because I have been beating a few people and sure enough towards the end it starts lagging real bad. How do these cheaters do this?

Some dude pulled the plug on my friend who was about to punish with ultra for the win. Close up of Ryu’s face, then “connection with the other player has been lost”.

I can only refer to HDR but, i see people abuse the lag all the time.

Mainly projectile characters. If its not a great connection, they do a quick left right then fire, it gives rollback and you swallow a projectile for free.

Also after your knocked down, they hug the back wall, keep pulling back and fire different speeds (like the normal tactic) put with a poor connection it fucks up the screen and your block disappears.

Also i see people left right ‘twitch’ before jumping in for the crossover and that causes a block to fail. Any fast pokey characters (Vega, Blanka, Chun) cause a hell of alot of problems.

That sounds like normal stuff to me, but maybe there is some lag involved so it’s harder to react to.

There are lag tactics as I’ve hit 1 person who used it. Every time he whiffed a move it would lag and no other time. Not when he was attacking, only when I was attacking or about to attack him.