PSN lag tactics

I thought I may have been the only one who thought something like this was actually occurring. I am glad to know that I am not as delusional as I believed yet saddened to know that these pathetic attempts truly do exist.

These “throttlers”, I have found, do this mostly to me as I am unleashing combination attacks. Which in turn screw around with my timing.

I do not mind the occasional “rage-quitter”. I can put up with the childish attempts to preserve their precious battlepoint totals. I just want to play the game. But for @#$!?'s sake, do not screw around with MY game because of you (referring to throttlers) being a loser. :mad:

Yea theres nothing wrong with using Seth in what you hope to be a fair match!
Just like theres nothing wrong with using Gil in SF3, or Gouki in SuperT, nothing wrong with it at all! Thats why all these characters are fully allowed in official sanctioned tournaments, and the players who pick them in casual matches are always top notch and deserve the utmost respect!

On an equally serious note, I had terrible lag on PSN until I upgraded my old modem. I can tell you for a fact that the amount of lag experienced for myself, and likely other people for whos lag is caused by a poor connection, is directly related to the frequency of inputs. Sometimes lag can be hardly noticable when both characters are throwing projectiles into each other, but when the match starts getting up close and intense, with rapid pokes and combos involved, the system starts chugging along, not just with response time lag but visually as well. This could be what some people here are experiencing. I highly doubt theres a remotely high percentage of people that would bother to get something like a lag switch, when if they’re an asshat they can easily DC.

sorry to bring this old thread back but a friend of mine told me that someone wasn’t talkin stupid and i should register to let the real be known…

first of all…i remember the matches i had with you and as i remember it u just started talkin crazy cuz u were pissed about me playin with seth. i started talkin crap about u cuz u were bein a sore loser and cryin like some girl.

second…lmao @ u thinkin i care enough about this game to make it “lag on purpose”…how do you even do that…u could search my name on youtube to see my fights…how immature is it to even accuse a grown ass man of making a game lag to win…are u serious…it’s KNOWN that psn has lag if ur playin against someone with a bad connection…quit cryin and play the game.

and i’ve played plenty of people with srk on their tag and i’ve never gotten any complaints before…but thanks for spreadin my name around cuz i’ve gotten kinda popular…mainly becuz i play with characters people don’t like to use.

blakdanilez sup man…you still play CE mode? hurry and get to G1…you probably got one of the best Sakura’s i’ve fought…

And it begins

sup gozhard…ur blanka is serious…lol…i used to fight you all the time but i haven’t been playin as much due to work and school…but playin against ur blanka is fun…real good comp man.

I’ve called Seth cheap before, but that’s cause I was getting wupped by Sabin. But then I beat him with Sagat.
I’ve also cursed the ish outta my TV when the going gets tough and it lags on me, but there are too many lag free matches for me to blow my head off in this forum.

I encounter a ton of lag on psn even though i have turbo internet connection. lol I just played a honda who did a super, he whiffed and when i went to punish his super started back up again with no
"super animation"!!! I was in shock. I’m not lying. Could there be some kind of a hack that this loser used? When I questioned him he told me I suck. You would think he would have been shocked as well. A little suspect if you ask me. His gamertag is Redshu. G2 scrub