PSN MVC2 Player Italiano_03 trying to make me look racist and failing



Check out this shit


i posted an awesome reply


Khaos: Delete the topic. It’s pointless bro.


Sorry khaos but i have to agree with mystic, just drop the subject man!! I’m not siding with nobody but just making an entire new thread just for this guy is nuts!! Read what he wrote but sorry man just my opinion!


I’ll drop it when he deletes that senseless video.


+1 its just pointless…

ask youtube to delete the video…


no i want HIM to delete it. Once he steps up and be honest and delete the video there won’t be a problem. All 3 of you can say that because no one went to such lengths to make you look like something you’re not. It’s on YOUTUBE it’s an obvious attempt to be an asshole. I’m not backin out when I haven’t done anything close to being racially offensive. For all I know Rok he can be your friend. Yall goin easy on him probably out of sympathy. He posts a video yall tell him I’m sorry. I call him out for being an asshole and yall tell me to drop the subject fuck that shit, yall backin him up. As far as I’m concerned I don’t know yall.


Im not backiing any1 out … I dnt even know the guy i think i played’m once and that’s it… i’m just sayiing its not worth the stress … u can see in the video that u didnt say anythin racist … and any1 can see that … tha’s just my 2 cents in the topic


Khaos Chill man!! Us 3 are just trying to make the peace here that’s all, hope you guys work it out!!