PSN Neo Geo Station Fighters

With a couple of fighters launching with the Neo-Geo Station on PSN. Anyone actually up to trying some of these out online (assuming they have good netcode)?

So far they’re sticking to the earlier ones with Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Samurai Shodown and KoF 94. Hopefully we’ll see some gems hit the service soon after it launches.

I’ve played those games to death.

The SNK game that I want to play is this: [media=youtube]2nPd_Li_X8o[/media]

Little Red Riding Hood Annie May style? :rofl:

I expect them to release NGBC, Garou, SS5SP, and SS6 in the near furture. :rock:

I’va already got most of those on my Wii, but if the netcode is decent, I’ll probably get Samsho and KOF '94.
I was hoping that since the PSN has been SNK-less for so long that we would get something bigger like SamshoVSP or something. Though, this really do have potential if SNK.P keeps on updating its library on a steady pace.

At least they letting this come to the US. PC Engine games on PSN are, last I checked, still only for Japan and East Asia.

Too bad your only getting two of those since the other two are Atomiswave.

It’s not outside the realm of possibilities seeing as Ikari Warriors and Psycho Soldier are coming to the service as well. NGBC should be easy copypasta to PS3 and if SNK wanted to do SS6 I don’t see why not.

Bring me Rage of the Dragons!!!

Eh…in comparison to what 360 got, NGBC is a bit of a pain for PS3. Do-able, but not entirely trivial. There are way more Dreamcast architecture ports on XBLA, pretty much only Backbone does them on PS3, and…yeah. There’s those HD PS2 ports coming out these days but I imagine they’re not cheap to do.

Metal Slug with PSN co-op mite b cool, but has been done elsewhere.

I have do have some of these games on PS2, I would definitely buy these again for the online play for sure. I might take a while for the later games (plus games that are non-Neo Geo), but they’ll release them in due time.

Hopefully SS5Sp will get a release so others like me can play.

2 player co-op online with Fatal Fury 1? MUST BUY! :slight_smile:
They should port Athena Full Throttle
Athena: Full Throttle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And KOF98UM to PS3! :slight_smile:

A omen has appeared above.

KOF 98 um is Taito Type X not gonna happen for this. SNK is just releasing a emulator with netplay support not ports of more recent games. So no neowave, no kofum, no kofxi, no metal slug 6, no samurai showdown 6,and no NGBC.

Great news. Itll be fun going back to those old games with online vs. Just like the 90s all over again. Es

These games are over priced though. Should be 5 bucks at the most with the later and larger games (MotW, LB2, RotD, FFRB2) being closer to the current price. It wouldnt feel right paying the same price for FF1 as MotW.

Crappy Netcode are you guys forgetting already?

SNKP has improved over time! The online play will be good quality, mew! It’s only bad quality if your connection is bad quality. But ya, people should give it a chance! If you need ggpo to have decent connection matches, then your connection really is too picky with its netcodes and therefore inferior to the broader market of netcodes. Most people don’t want to admit it’s their ISP or their fault if they expect high quality connections from wireless play (lol), but ya SNKP knows their stuff and they make things better!

NGBC is fine. It’s a matter of seeing how much effort they put in. Hypothetically these all being run in a standalone emulator can’t be a bad sign anyways.

LOL, I love how affinity is overly positive about EVERY game before release, then vanishes when said game comes out.

But yeah, I’m not buying anything else from SNK until that netcode is up to snuff. In-state matches shouldn’t be worse than cross country ones.

If they get 5SP in this with good netplay I am so totally all over this shit, I already give the game burn on GGPO.

Given SNKP’s treatment of the game in the past I’m saying the odds of this are somewhere between zero and none, though. Watch, we get arcade SS5 vanilla, complete with its hilarious crash bugs.

Well since these are running on an emulator this time around, maybe GGPO is what they have in store. Thats GGPOs bread and butter after all.

This. Great way to celebrate the Neo-Geo’s 20th anniversary.

Here’s the facebook page: NeoGeo Station | Facebook

While comparing to the latest or newer titles some of these seem restricted but I’ve been playing these games for years in VS, offline and online (2DF, Supercade) and still do (when time allows) and I look forward to playing them online versus other and new players through these anniversary releases, they are fun and very playable.

Even AOF 1, I have nail biting matches to this day, its a very technical game and a great poking game, not to mention the added gameplay element of taunting to destroy opponents meter while worrying about your own.

Apart from a superb timeless OST/AST, and mindblowing graphics (for its time) Art of Fighting 1 is the game that introduced for the first time many fighting game mechanics that we take for granted today (Supers, Meter, Taunts, Dash, Back dash, Cross-up command moves, etc etc).

Of course this is also the game that really set the spark to the epic rivalry between SNK and Capcom, and because of this game, we got the unforgettable Dan Hibiki.

A great way to introduce PS3 owners to some great classics but bundle releases would have been better i think, anyway happy birthday Neo-Geo.

SNK Playmore Launches NEOGEO Station on PlayStation® Network at SNK-CAPCOM