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But those cases still exist even in “standard netcode” games like HD Remix, Blazblue and SuperSFIV. (I’ve had people in the same city have connection problems and lag up matches. While other matches are fine with people overseas!)
Results may vary with any online game. But people seem to find it a trend acting like SNKP games have worse netcode than those games only based on their personal experiences.

Even Final Fight Double Impact didn’t have flawless connection results (despite having GGPO.)
And as much as people criticized games like KOF98UM on 360, it’s still very playable online depending on players connection quality, not necessarily distance-wise. Now finding a big community there these days, that’s another story. :wonder:

^ I still need to see what you look like.

Personal experiences are a pretty good thing to base my trends on. I’ve had a good deal of shitty online matches in KOF12, KOF98UM, SS2, and MOTW. I’m just going to wait for some other people to try out the online component before I give SNK my money.

What will be funny if that adhoc party has better online then snkp’s netcode. I will be a sucker and get magical drop if one of them comes out (yes i know magical drop f is in the import store it has no netplay though).

we’ll see how the netcode is, but I don’t think the matches with incompatible connection speeds will be any worse than SSFIV and MVC2’s laggiest matches.:looney:

Umm, am I missing something here? Not ONE thread on NeoGeo fighters for PS3 tomorrow?

Guys, why isn’t there a thread on the fact that Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury, King of Fighters 94 and other SNK fighting games will be released tomorrow on the PS3 complete with online play, brand new netcode and replay features?


**Release Dates: **
[]US December 21
]EU December 22
[*]JP December 22

[]PS3 Games: $8.99 / 900yen
]PSP Games: $6.99 / 700yen

  • Samurai Shodown (PS3) will be free to PS+ EU members, and Magician Lord (PS3) will be free to PS+ members in February*

Whats NEOGEO Station?

NEOGEO Station is a game service that allows the player to take full advantage of high-quality PlayStation®3 and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable)
system ports of NEOGEO titles, games that overturned the basis of videogames in the 1990?s.
You can enjoy the original version of the NEOGEO games you buy on the PlayStation®Store,
and moreover, can play in Versus Mode and in Cooperative Mode on PS3? system with the Online NETWORK MODE function.
Similar functions are also available on PSP® system via a Wireless LAN connection (Ad hoc Mode).

In addition, NEOGEO Station features many options that didn?t exist at the time of the NEOGEO ROM system:
along with common features such as changing the button configuration and display / screen size settings,
the possibilities to save and replay your gameplay (replay data) at any time allows you to enjoy the NEOGEO games even more.



 Save System 

Many settings such as the data concerning the SETTINGS in the MAIN MENU or in the PAUSE MENU,
the configuration of the buttons and the screen size, volume settings and skipping the menu at the start can be saved via the SYSTEM SAVE.
Go to SETTINGS in the MAIN MENU before starting a game or press the SELECT button
during gameplay to display the PAUSE MENU and choose SETTINGS.
Once you have finished all your modifications in SETTINGS, do a SYSTEM SAVE in SAVE DATA.

 State Save 

To perform a STATE SAVE, press SELECT during a gameplay to display the PAUSE MENU, select and confirm on SAVE to save your progression.
Choose LOAD in the PAUSE MENU after have started a game to restart from the place you saved before.


 NEOGEO Memory Card 

A backup system of the original NEOGEO MEMORY CARD is faithfully recreated on NEOGEO Station…
First, select SETTINGS in the Main Menu of a NEOGEO game and go to the SETTINGS MENU.
Then, select SAVE DATA and set the NEOGEO MEMORY CARD option to ON in order to enjoy your NEOGEO games
just as a NEOGEO ROM system with a MEMORY CARD inserted would let you do.
You will be able to save and load your game progression, unlock hidden characters
or perform cheats as well as it was possible on the original NEOGEO ROM system equipped of a NEOGEO MEMORY CARD.
Furthermore, the information saved in the NEOGEO MEMORY CARD is saved as System Save data.


 NEOGEO games with the Online Play! (*Only available on PS3*) 

Depending on the title, you can do VERSUS PLAY and COOPERATIVE PLAY and choose various NETWORK MODE options:
[] QUICK MATCH: Search for random adversaries and/or cooperative partners without setting up search conditions.
] MATCH SEARCH: Set up search conditions to find adversaries and/or cooperative partners fit to your preferences.
[] CREATE MATCH: Set up the conditions of search and wait for the participation of adversaries and/or cooperative partners.
Also, it is possible to send an Invitation Message to registered Friends for Online Play.
] CHECK INVITE: Check Invitation Messages from other players. When a message arrives, you can participate to the session created by the sender of the Invitation.
[*] NETWORK SETTING: All types of settings concerning Voice Chat can be done here.


 Play together on PSP® system via the Ad Hoc Mode! (*Only available on PSP*) 

You can play NEOGEO Station games for PSP together with other players by using the Wireless LAN (Ad Hoc Mode).
Depending on the title, you can enjoy VERSUS MODE and/or COOPERATIVE MODE.
Also, please note that ONLINE PLAY via the Internet is not possible in the case of using NETWORK MODE on PSP.


 Friend Invite function 

If you use the FRIEND INVITE function in the case of ONLINE PLAY in NETWORK MODE for PS3 NEOGEO Station games,
you can invite players who have completed their friend request to enjoy smooth VERSUS PLAY and/or COOPERATIVE PLAY!
After you have selected ?CREATE MATCH? in NETWORK MODE, select ?INVITE FRIEND? and choose between:
?Select from Friends?, ?Enter Online ID? and ?Select from Chat Rooms?.
Furthermore, there are two methods of waiting for another player.
You can choose between ?Wait as it is? and ?Wait while playing?.


 Sound Player Mode 

You can listen to all background music (BGM) used in a game whenever, just by searching them in the SOUND PLAYER MODE included in the INFORMATION MENU of NEOGEO Station.
The data of all types of BGM played in the SOUND PLAYER MODE are copied and played in the NEOGEO Station COMMON SAVE DATA FILE at the first use of a downloaded NEOGEO Station game.
Therefore, except the necessity to install the games once, you can play all BGM of all the games you have downloaded in once.
It means that you can even the BGM of Samurai Shodown in the SOUND PLAYER MODE of FATAL FURY.


 Replay Mode 

On NEOGEO Station, you can save and replay your game play at any time.
The content of the game play is saved as 1 file for 1 replay with a maximum of 8 files for each title.


 Procedure to avoid Original Bugs 

?I want to play a NEOGEO Station game exactly as its original version?.
NEOGEO Station has not corrected any bug present in the original versions of the NEOGEO games, don?t worry.
If a bug that locks up the game occurs, you can return to the game easily just by doing a reset with the RESET function in the PAUSE MENU.


 In-Game Manual 

NEOGEO Station uses an IN GAME MANUAL.
Select MANUAL, from INFORMATION MENU if it?s before the beginning of a game play or from PAUSE MENU if you are playing,
to display an electronic manual on the screen in order to read and verify all types of information concerning the game.
Moreover, you can verify at any time the COMMAND LIST in the case of fighting games.


** Game Lineup **

**First Batch: **
PS3: 2010.12.21 PSP: 2011.01.??
PS3: 2010.12.21 PSP: 2010.12.21
PS3: 2010.12.21 PSP: 2011.01.??
PS3: 2010.12.21 PSP: 2011.01.??
PS3: 2010.12.21 PSP: 2010.12.21
PS3: 2010.12.21 PSP: 2011.01.??
PS3: 2010.12.21 PSP: 2011.01.??
PS3: 2010.12.21 PSP: 2011.01.??
PS3: 2010.12.21 PSP: 2011.01.??
PS3: 2010.12.21 PSP: 2011.01.??

Garou: Mark Of The Wolves has been confirmed as a 2011 release.
This section will be updated in the upcoming months.


(Playstation 3 version screenshots)

**Websites and useful links **

NeoGeo Station Official US Website
US Line up Website
Press Release
SNKPlaymore USA
SNKPlaymore Japan
SNKPlaymore Youtube account
PS EU Blogpost about NEOGEO Station


Tis’ a shame none of you apparently care about Neo Geo games anymore :frowning:

To answer your question, yes you are missing something, more specifically, you missed everything: General Strategy - KOF

Hello NegroNinja. I appreciate your reply. First of all, two things…

1)There is not one topic in that sub-forum discussing tomorrow’s release of Neo Geo games on the PS3

2)Why WOULD there any topics discussing tomorrow’s release of Neo Geo games on the PS3? I mean sure, The King of Fighters 94 is ONE of the many games being released tomorrow, but that is only a fraction of the library of games being released. Samurai Shodown, among others are also in that catalog. So why would you expect, or presume that such a topic as this one, belongs in a sub-forum where the focus of discussion is only about The KOF series?

Who actually wants to pay for the versions nobody wants to play? Get SS2/5SP, FFS/RB, KoF 98/UM with NOT SHITTY NETCODE at that.

What you’re missing is what I call PAGE 2 which has this:

Yay. Get hype for AOF.:coffee:

Get at me when KOF XIII drops or KOF XI or 02UM hits PSN and suffers from bad netcode.

its all about the last blade 2, to bad that the netcode would be blow :confused:

nobody cares about those fighting games

LOL you guys are a riot!

For the record, I too, could not care less about any of those games except SS1, which I pumped an assload of quarters in bang in 1993. Plus my dawg, who is a RABID SS1 whore, only has a PS3 and refuses to get a PC, so no ggpo/2df/Kaillera/MameHUB for him :frowning:

It’s just that I was in shock upon discovering no one made a thread about it, given the fact that this IS, the mecca of all fighting game discussion. shrug

Well, since we’re on the topic of Neo Geo fighters and their usually shitty netcode, I’d like to suggest you guys give my thread regarding the new GGPO-Killler, simply entitled MAME-Hub, a gander :clown::lovin:

Bumping this shizz.

Games are gonna be out tomorrow. Probably gonna try KoF or SS first. Then hitting dat Metal Slug.

I doubt there’s gonna be a lobby system but if they did have an instant play lobby for samsho (like the doa survival online) then it would of been very popular, too bad they don’t invest time into things like that

Lobbies have greater risk of lagging matches. They wouldn’t make the mistake they did with KOFXII, working hard to include group based and even clan based online features while they had netcode they were dealing with, it made all that effort into the lobby features appear to be all in vain since the combined connections and spectator connection leaks made it lag worse.

The games aren’t released yet but I have a feeling the netcode has been reworked and different from the netcode from their past releases. I’m sure there will be lagless matches, but I won’t be surprised people will whine and complain about poor netcode the instant they have their first that shows lag. All fighting games on consoles lag online, it mostly depends on the people and their connections. Some connections are more compatible than others. The netcode plays a big part in stability, but it can only do so much for connections that are bad or not compatible with another connection. Even popular and most played games like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and SuperStreetFighter IV has its laggy matches but people have learned to deal with it. And yes while some find it hard to believe, even KOF98UM on 360 does have some lag free matches, it just depends on players connections and sometimes their location. The netcode was kind of nitpicky, but it was entirely playable online based on your connection and their connection.

People expect netcode that can smoothly handle a broader spectrum of connection speeds, but whether the NeoGeo Station games have the netcode of Samurai Shodown 2 or Battle Coliseum, I’m sure it will be very playable online for many people who understand the pros and cons about using network mode, and keep in touch with people they had lag free matches with for continued lag free sessions. :slight_smile:

I will be playing The King of Fighters 94 and Art of Fighting online myself. I would also buy Fatal Fury and Samurai Shodown but I have to save money in case they plan on also releasing KOF95, 96, 97, 98 and Art of Fighting 2 (my top favorites including 94!) and the eventual KOFXIII when it happens.

I’ll go for Art of Fighting (Game is more fun and good that many people think, just you have to know how to play it :smiley: ), KOF 94 and Magician Lord. Althought I’m a fan of FF Series, I never liked the 1st FF!, maybe I’d try Samurai Shodown soon. As affinity said, I’d LOVE to see AOF2, Garou MOTW, more KOF’s, the REAL BOUT FF SERIES PLEASE!!! and some gems here a there (Breakers revenge, Kizuna, World Heroes Perfect, and so on). Come on SNKP, I BELIEVE!!! XD

affinity everyone knows by now that you are an insane fangirl just give it up

I’d be interested to see what kind of BIOS they’re using for the emulation.

They’re talking about the ability for every game to have a jukebox (AKA sound test), and I know that’s a feature included in the Universe BIOS. Would be hilarious if they actually put that in. How many would use the debug dips to use Rugal in KOF '94?