PSN Network Question!


Currently living in Korea, so I need some answers so I can buy the correct MvC 3 region copy for my PS3. Right now I’m leaning towards getting the Korean version of the game.

Anyways, I more concerned with the future DLC purchases for the game. From research, I found out that you need to buy the dlc from the same region the matches the game region. But I wanted to know if I am still able to access the dlc content if I were to play my main account which is a US region— of course the DLC would be purchased from my Korean PSN account stuck on the hardrive.

Is there someone who can verify this will be okay and will work?

Also I had another question about the Japanese PSN Store and Korean PSN store. Are they both the same dlc region (e.g. Asia Region). Would it be better to setup a Japanese PSN account to buy the dlc for my anticipated Korean version of MVC3 game?

The reason I ask is comparing the US PSN Store with Korean one, it seems that the Korean one has a lot less discount and overall content for my games like SSF4.


No problem, it works as long as there’s one profile with a PSN account with rights to use DLC on the PS3.

Nope, console games in asia are pretty much classified as japanese games and asian(rest) games. It might work for some games without many DLC restrictions, but I wouldn’t count too much on it.
It’s best to stick to the same region as where the game’s from.

Sucks to be you :expressionless: