PSN online play in the UK/EU?

How is the population and general lag state for UMvC3 on PSN in UK/EU?

I know 360 is better for fighting games in performance and population, but i have to get a ps3, no choice in the matter really.

Hopefully the SF x Tekken net code will be decent, so im not too worried about that.

but i need to have online play with this game, as offline play is tough in my area. and while i can go to london once a week and play, to learn the game on top of training i know i will need online.

hope you can help.

If you have a PC, get the game on that, the online is great there. PSN was fine though, just the level of players wasn’t as varied

sorry, i posted this in the marvel forum and it was moved by a mod,

have updated to state i am talking about UMvC3 :slight_smile: (can a mod at least change the title as now that its moved its not very helpful if people think im talking about another game.)

hope someone can answer.

I know I had a pretty decent time playing MVC3 from Belgium. I never had a issue getting matches. Haven’t moved onto UMVC3 though so I can’t speak to that.