PSN online....


So I have recently been playing on the PS3 version of this game after playing the xbox version for the last 2 years and a little bit of PC and I can say… WOW IS PSN THIS FUCKING BAD?

Most of the connections on PSN are red to orange, I rarely meet any Greens or Yellows. Another thing is im dropping a lot of my inputs like simple moves dps,qcfs and even ultras?

On PC is varies most of the time I play a yellow or an orange and its good, not great but I rarely run into red connections. I can hit most of my offense fine.

I hate to say it but Xbox Live is the best version online most people have Green connections. Also the best competition, maybe because of the online quality?

Dont get me wrong ONLINE is always ass compared to offline but im really shocked that PSN is that bad. Any tips to playing PSN? Ranked is almost impossible with the connections I run into.


You get what you pay for.


I just want to make sure it is what it is. I know the old age war between PSN and XBL but fuck man, how does any one play this online?


yep PSN is ass… I am playing SF on PC right now cause its 1000times better than on PSN
and when my arcade stick arives i am gone baby forever-xbl here i come


I cant even play online with PSN, it won’t update my player data anymore


I have no problem finding good connections on PSN. A lot of the time the ping displayed by the browser is incorrect in my experience. No doubt XBox Live is a stable experience but I have had ZERO issues with lag or finding yellow/green players, I’m not sure why you’re having issues.


This is happening about 95 % of the time. Higher end ranked players have sometimes better connections but I ran into a run away Ryu today with 3000pp! Red connection and now I know why he doesnt lose much. None of my bnbs worked, even srks would not come out. It was really fucked up.

On XBL I get ALOT of Green and yellows, red connections usually with folks that dont live in the states.

PC is funny, I can play on red and yellow connections and be fine. Weird? But its works!

PSN, forget it. I have never been frustrated with inputs until now.


yea it is not just the connection higher ranked players are not good and usually rely on lag tactics


Man,threads like this sometimes make me think I’m the only one in the world who doesn’t have any severe problems with PSN.

Threre’s really nothing I can say to make PSN work any better for ya,but in my experience the only thing I don’t like is how the bar colors on PSN are ass backwords. I’ll get green connections that play a hell of a lot worse than dark red connections. Meanwhile red/orange connections are perfect and yellows are just annoying. Both versions were like this back in vanilla,but it’s been fixed in the xbox version since super while the ps3 version still has it. Even more weird though is that the xbox version seems to show nothing,but green for me. Even if the connection is horrible,I’ve never seen anything other than green on xbl. I never know how bad it is until the actual match starts. So,at least on psn I have a way to actually judge the connection quality prematch. Other than that I don’t really experience any differences between both versions myself. Both are ass in my opinion though.


Offline is always the best. Period.

I feel your pain. Its so confusing most of the time what is good and what is bad? But mostly on red to dark red for me on PS3 has been a nightmare. Orange as well. Yellow goes back and forth still lag and then Green which I rarely find is pretty good.


for me orange works i can hit my combos even 1 frame links
i think i do have that much proplem with input lag but those matches were the screen moves frame by frame ugh what a nightmare i almose broke my pad from frustration


I have 30mb/s internet and mostly what I get is red and yellows. Sometimes I get green and yellows, but I’d say it’s 5% green, 15% yellow and the rest orange and red. It’s a damn shame. And since I play with characters that require very quick reaction times in close range because their close range and jump-in defense tools do not have SRK priority( like Vega, Dhalsim, etc) then I get screwed hard by even the smallest lag. Blow.


Haven’t been playing SSF4AE for awhile, but I never had trouble finding green bar connections in PSN when I’m playing with European players. I get awful lag if I’m playing players from Asia, Africa, North/South America, though there were a few times where I had decent connection with USA and Canadian players.


its really easy i run into a few matches that are pretty bad and that are pretty good and sometimes its not good to trust the red bar its usually a lie look at one my videos i ran into a guy by accident and he had nothing on his bars but when i fought him it was a perfect fight no glitches and an awesome fight too here check it out.


My friend started out with PSN too and said he got so used to PSN lag that he took it as normal then when he got Xbox Live it felt way different and faster and he
couldn’t do combos and stuff because he was so used to PSN lag…

Don’t advertise so blatantly…


I have both and PSN sucks balls for almost everything. It’s basically a BluRay player only now for me. I don’t watch weird animes or like obscure Japanese rpg/rhythm games so I have no reason to make up lies and pretend the ps3 is any good.


onlinekeystore dot com …just go get the original cd key for street fighter (i think its around 9euros) and come to pc live ,trust me its the best 9euros spent in your life … huge community,better conections,no input lag,better grafics,no freame drops,verrry easy to find tons of matches

i baught the pc version with the purpose only to be able to play a few friends of mine that play there,i wasnt expecting that i’ll stay to long there ,and i was verry sceptic…but to my suprise i ended loving it

And as i said when my arcade stick arives, xbox gonna be my main platform for Street Fighter but i wont forget the pc version…
So dear PSN users give it a try, i think every single 1 of you can spare 9e , you’ll be verry positevly suprised


You need a decent pc/laptop to run SF on the PC and unless you bought one in the last 2 years or so or spent a ridiculous amount of money for one I doubt random people could run it…


no man thats the oldest “pc gaming stereotype” … any average dual core or core2duo with a geforce9600GT or equvaletn can run that game pretty smoothly…and i think 90% of the forum has such and if not 5x better configurations

and its not true at all that you have to spend 1000s of dollars for a machine and upgrade every 9months like retards think …i’ve spent 700e in 2009 for a gaming machine and i still can run all games on highest details and i am not thinking on upgrading for at least 2 more years untill the new generation of consoles hit
i am not a pc hardcore fanboy at all,i also own a ps3 and xbox and love all platforms…it just happens that the pc verion of Street Fighter rox and is the best version to be honest… but still xbox gonna be my main platform only because of its huge community and there is particulary no other reason


Except that for me there is really no difference. I actually started out on both versions back in vanilla.
I can do combos just about as well as I can on psn except for when it drops/delays inputs as usual,which both versions do. And I really don’t think I could get used to one versions lag seeing as how there’s so many different kinds of lag that I’ve noticed is present on both versions. lol

The only lag difference I’ve ever felt between different versions is when I played the PC version. It almost felt like a completely different,but better game compared to the console versions. That’s why I’m always dumbfounded when I read about people making these night and day comparisons between the consoles versions when for me the differences are so little that it’s more like dawn and dusk. I feel like it’s the PC version that’s the actually has any improvements.