PSN or GGPO friendly players


This may not be the best place for it but here goes anyway.

Looking for some people to play with regular on PSN or GGPO.

Unfortunately I cant play many people on GGPO as they think im another player pretending to be new to GGPO, anyways just looking for some games to learn some match ups and improve generally.

Any invitations are welcome, even if a player is not at the same level as myself above or below. Teaching can be a good way to learn aswell and take a different approach.

I am in the UK so connections with alot of players on here is not the best so bear that in mind. Connection is generally good with Europe players.

PSN: SiR-zZtop . GGPO SirZZtop

a person to practice with? sign me up. psn:j0nRamb0

that does not make sense, zztop could not have learned proper english all of a sudden.

Might be abit irritating, but you could always just make another GGPO account (new name of course).

PSN : cjt11203

PSN: Satsuinohadoryu let’s have some fun man

PSN: Makaveli202
I’m in Europe :slight_smile: hope to play you soon.

Anyone else from Europe may feel free to add me as well!