PSN or XBL: Which has bigger community?


As Ultra’s coming out, I’m wondering which console to get it on. I want to get the one with the bigger community behind it.


you won’t have a problem getting matches on either one. If you have both consoles get it for both


Definitely XBL. PSN is fucking dead beyond belief. Hopefully it’ll get some sort of revival after Ultra, but XBL I feel definitely has a bigger community.


I had a feeling XBL would be bigger due to the 360’s better online capabilities over the PS3, but I didn’t think the PSN community would be as diminished as you described.

Maybe 360 would be the better choice as I already have AE on 360 whereas I don’t have SF4 on PS3 at all. All that remains after that would be renewing my Gold, but the security checks you have to go through to make sure Microsoft won’t auto renew the subscription (which it tries to many times) make it a pain in the arse to deal with.


Depends mostly on where you live. XBL tends to have more, especially in the west. But if you have more people close by on PSN (especially in regions like Asia), then that would be a better choice.

That said, offline it still best.


I live in England, so XBL would probably be better. And yeah, offline is still the best. Why don’t more modern fighting games use GGPO? I know with stuff like SF4 the lag isn’t so bad but on JoJo ASB the lag ranges from noticeable to unplayable.


Would the aforementioned statements apply to UMvC3?


It’s hard to say, this last generation the xbox 360 in general was more popular with online. However PS3 sales have surpassed that of PS4 sales, at least in Japan. Had both systems at one point but the PS3 broke down, if I still had both I’d go PS3 just so I don’t have to pay for gold membership.


What’s the standalone price for Ultra in GBP? I only have AE on 360 so if I got it on PS3 I’d need to buy Ultra standalone.