PSN or XBL? Which has more players on fighters? (USWEST)


I’ve been debating on snagging a console for fighting games as so many will never reach Valhalla (PC). I hope the answer is PSN lol.


It depends on what fighting games you want to play

If you want to play Capcom games, then the 360 is the best choice, since the games are awful on PS3 (USFIV & UMvC3 communities are bigger on 360, so I heard). If you want to play any other game that not a Capcom game then PS3 is for you then. I don’t know how good the community is on PSN since I’m on 360, but when it comes to online and offline communities, Capcom FGs = 360 and Other FGs = PS3.


Sorry I forgot to mention, I mostly play Mortal Kombat, Injustice, and BlazBlue


Ok, I’m not too sure about the community of MK and Injustice on PSN (I never played MK on PSN and I played Injustice on PSN about a year ago). Honestly, you should get a Playstation because you mention Blazblue and I’m sure there’s a lot of players on PSN (also, Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- is right around the corner, so you can get that too), but I’m positive there’s a lot of players for MK and Injustice on PSN. :bgrin:

So, PSN it is!


Definitely. Best place (and sometimes the only place) for anime fighters is PSN.