PSN Player IDs/Games Directory & NAT Settings


My new PSN account. I shoulda added this a while back lol.


SRK: blinky77
PSN ID: blinky77 (no voice chat)
Florence, Alabama
Games: SSF2THDR, Wipeout HD Fury, Bomberman Ultra, MvC2, Tekken 6
Weekends whenever. Weekdays in the afternoon from 2-5, and sometimes in the evening.


SRK Name: Digimonemporer
PSN Gamer Tag: Devildigimon
Location: Racine, WI
Available: afternoons (send message to schedule)
Games I Have: HDR, SF4, Tekken 6, MVC2, Battle Fantasia, MK2

Willing to play whatever. But I’m only competent in T6 and HDR (kinda lol)


SRK Name: Aremsi
PSN Gamer Tag: aremsi
Location: Hightstown, NJ
Available: Evenings, 5pm - 2am
Games I Have: Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Soul Caliber IV, Madden 10


SRK Name: BeaM
PSN Gamer Tag: HK_Karakusa
I do have a mic
Location: Van Nuys, CA
Usual times of play: 9PM - 2AM, 10AM-1PM
Games: Street Fighter IV(No main), BlazBlue(Tager)


:cybot: Sup everyone, sorry for the lack of updates, lots of stuff going on in my life and I’ve also been working a lot. I’ll have some time tomorrow to update this thread… dood!


PSN Bamberg Germany

Lookin for ppl to add and play on PSN SF4 and SSF4 handle is Dpepr


PSN Gamer Tag : King_Hodokan
Mic: Yep
Games : Sf4, Tekken5,6 , mvc2, BattleFantasia, Call Of Duty MW2, Blazblue
Main Games: Tekken, Sf4
Main Characters: Sf4: Ryu, Chun, Gief
Tekken: Mishima’s , Roger.Jr, Lee
Skill level : err id say like semi advanced?? lmao
Im up for matches, adds, whatever. Just put SRK in your friend request so i kno to add ya


PSN Gamer Tag: tobdawg831
Games: just SFIV for now
Mains: Ryu, Sagat, working on Balrog but charge characters are no fun online
Skill level: just getting back into fighting games after a long lay off, so scrubby at best haha


Has a mic
LOC:Dayton/Miamisburg, OH
Games: COD:MW2, T6BR, MvC2, ST:HDR, MK2
When I get another ps3 I’ll be on throughout the day randomly


Brooklyn update…

for anything SF, MvC2, Tekken6 related. I only use Eddy in Tekken. MvC2 - i/s/c, i/sent/c, i/gambit/colossus

for anything shooter related. MW2, KZ2, CoD4, UT3.

for anything in between.
Tampa, Florida
Usual times of play - late night and early morning.


SRK Name: Nytemare_Raven
PSN Gamer Tag: Nytemare_Raven
Location: Houston, TX
Available: random hours
Games: SF4, Blazblue, AH3
Main game: SSF4AE (Blanka/?)
Just add SRK to the message if you want to add me.


SRK Name: FPS_Absynthe
PSN ID: FPS_Absynthe
Have Mic
Location: Baltimore, MD
Games: SSF2THDR, MvC2
Skill Level: Horrible
Usual Times of Play: Evenings and Midnights

Get at me.


SRk Name: DrJoze
PSN ID: DrJoze
Location: South America-Peru
Usual times to play: almost anytime!
Games: Brutal Legend, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Uncharted 2, SFIV, SSFIV, Fat Princess, MvC2.
SFFIV Skill level: Average (willing to improve, good players feel free to add me or pm me here in the forums and teach me a thing or two!)

The link is broken. could you provide us with another guide please?


Screw it. I’m game.
SRK: IceColdHaterade
PSN: IceColdH8rade
San Francisco, CA
SSFIV, MvC2, T6, SCIV, BlzB.


SRK: jonnitti
PSN: jonnitti
wyckoff, nj
SSFIV (cody/blanka)


PSN:Kamekazebish, I have a mic
Location: Michigan
UTOP: Variable untill Jun 11th then I’m able to play any time.
AIM: theonlykamekaze

Games:Battle Fantasia, MvC2,SSF2HDR,SSFIV,T5


SRK Name: Wolf8891
PSN Gamer Tag: Wolf8891
I have a Mic
Location: AZ
Usual times of play: During the weekdays, nearly on all day


SRK Name: Edu (as I said on the other topic, english speakers feel free to call me “Ed” if you wish)
PSN Tag: edubnu
Mic: Don’t got one
Location: SC - BRAZIL
Avaiable: Nights (10pm) — over here it’s GTM-3, so do the math to see what time that is were you live. =p
Skill level: bellow average. I’m no noob/scrub, but not much more than that, I think.


SRK: Krushgroove
PSN: Krushgroove84
Vallejo, CA
Available: I tend to play at random times.

If you add me leeme know your from SRK pls!