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SRK Name: Naroth
PSN Gamer Tag: NArothV
Mic: If needed
Location: NY
Usual times of play: Evenings and Weekends
Games: SSF4 - I have the most points on fei long, but im playing random now, my worst character is ibuki


Iam ichigo334 Iam new to SRK an Iam ok at ssf4 I got 1511 pp I use Ryu Ken Chun-li an Adon ( I was watching gamerbee at EVO) I play mw2 here an there.


[list]tolkienfanatic [*] tolkienfanatic

[]New Jersey []Varies [*] AIM: CSpl4y4h (optional) [/list]
Games: SSFIV (Adon, Ryu, Dudley), Red Dead Redemption


Psn id: Vicioustale24
New York
Games: SSFIV(c.viper, Cody), HDR(Ken), Tekken6(Julia, Jin)

I don’t play much tekken, mostly hdr and ssfiv, looking for some good games.


SRK Name: Japi
PSN Gamer Tag: Japi_l
Mic: If needed
Location: Finland
Usual times of play: Random time
Games: SF4, SSF4
Characters: Cammy usually
Skill level: noob:smile:


SRK Username: Man of 1000 Combos
PSN ID: El_Vyper (Microphone Unavailable)
Location: United Kingdom
Time Preference: 19:00 - 22:00
PS3 Trophies
NOTE: I created a new PSN ID earlier today, hence why my Trophy Info may appear empty.

What type of player am I searching for? Since I’m a complete Street Fighter virgin, I would prefer an opponent of a similar (maybe slightly higher) skill level to me. Although I would love to improve my understanding and experience of the game, I’m not interested in playing anybody who considers themselves to be a fighting game veteran and would therefore be able to thrash me blindfolded.

Other games I enjoy online are:
[]Killzone 2
]Resistance 2
]Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
[*]Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


SRK Username: duhhelmet
PSN ID: eojeda565
Location: eastern us
Time Preference: random

Super street fighter 4

Bring it !!


SRK Name: Excstazy
PSN ID: Excstazy - I have a MIC
Location: South America
Usual times to play: Random
Games: SSFIV, SF:HDR , MvC2.
Skill level: Advanced
I play with Akuma, ruffus and Dudley mainly, but im pretty good with all the cast, except halan xD.

I play other games, but im looking for ppl to train with specially in SSF 4. I have a pretty good connection so that shouldn’t be a problem.


SRK Name: thewafflecult
PSN ID: PchuuPchuu
Mic: Sometimes
Location: Olympia, WA (Evergreen State College y’all!)
Usual times of play: Afternoon/Evening/Late nights on weekends
Games: SSF4, BB:CS, MVC2. Probably gonna buy HDR at some point soon!


?**SRK Name **: BlackJaguarXD
?PSN Gamer Tag: BlackJaguarXD
?Mic : I have one but don’t use it often.
?Location: UK, England
?Usual times of play: Evenings


zzz zzz


PSN : Notorious_LRG
Times: before 12pm and after 6pm usually
Locale: Toronto, Canada
games: SSFIV, MW, MW2, LBP, FNR3, MNR, mercenaries 2, warhawk, guitar hero 3 and black ops once it is out :slight_smile:


PS3 SN: VangPlayer

character BISON

Add me for a good time :rofl:


SRK Name: Ewitzdavid
PSN ID: Zinh
Location: Boston, Ma
Usual times to play: Mostly Weekends, sometimes tues and weds afternoon
Games: SSFIV
Skill level: okay i guess? 5400 BB Ibuki Player but i still need to practice more


SRK Name: Havoc160
PSN ID: havoc160
Mic: yes
Location: Brenham, TX
Usual times to play: Weekends afternoon/evening/nights
Games: SSF4(Boxer), MW2, Tekken 6, and Battlefield Bad Company 2


need comp…im a solid gief player…
in the midwest area i lost M y password recently soo my psn name is …MEXGIEF


?SRK Name : OrientalNights
?PSN Gamer Tag: OrientalNights
?Mic : No.
?Location: Marseille - France
?Usual times of play: Evenings and weekends
?Games: SSFIV, MGS Online.


?SRK Name: zdravkelja
?PSN Gamer Tag: zdravkelja
?Mic: No.
?Location: Serbia, South Europe
?Usual times of play: Evenings, nights and weekends
?Games: SSFIV, BlazBlue CS


PSN ID: TwelfthSky
Location: NorCal 916 area
Microphone: Yes, but I rarely use it.
Times of play: Weeknights and weekends!
Games: SSFIV, Tekken 6, SSFII HD Remix, DJ Hero 2 - Hard & Expert


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