PSN Player IDs/Games Directory & NAT Settings


SRK: RoyalShowstopper
PSN ID: ZaneKazama001
Mic: No
Times of Play: Weekends
Games: Tekken 6, BB, Fat Princess, GH III, SFIV, DJ Hero, GH Metallica, Rock Band, Smackdown vs Raw 2009


Psn Id: mista_makaveli
Times of play: weekdays, weekends


PSN ID: steamninja
Mic: Yes
Times of play: Saturday - Tuesday
Games: SSFIV, SSFIIT:HDR. MvC2, KoF XII, Blazblue: CS, Tekken 6


SRK: Ashton Anchors
PSN ID: pozertron
Loc: Finland
Play Time: 16:00~ Midnight on work days and all day on weekends
Games: CoD> 1,4,5,7. BF>1943, BC, BC2. MvC2, SSF4, NGS2. Demon’s Souls. TMNT: Turtles in time RE-Shelled. RE5, Killzone 2, Borderlands

Skill: Since i got SSF4 my first SF game i’ll be learning it non-stop. Right now i’m pretty scrubby.

P.S. Yes i have a mic but, i doubt that i can speak english freely. Then again it will be my chance to improve.


PSN Gamer Tag: Disregardful
Mic: Yes
Location: Hawaii
Usual times of play: Evening/Nights
Games: SSFIV, COD:Black Ops, Red Dead Redemption

I play as Akuma, Balrog, Bison, Vega :]


SRK: Dark Geist
PSN Gamer Tag: Geist_Hexenjager
Mic: Yes
Play time: Some weekday evenings, weekends
Games: BB:CS, SSFIV, (waiting for the SNK releases)


-Los Angeles, CA


SRK: Graphic
PSN ID: njninja6
Mic: No
Times of Play: Weekends, sometimes weekdays
Games: SSF4, MVC2, Uncharted 2, X-Men, Bioshock 2


SRK: Mootje
PSN ID: Moootje
Mic: Yes, but I dont use it.
Times of Play: Everyday after 18.00 and weekends.
Games: SSF4 (main Adon, Sagat), Battlefield BC 2

#Note: I hate lag so I dont accept u if i have not full green bars :wink:


SRK Name: 730BlackMage
PSN Gamer Tag: NJsTriniGunna w/ mic (yes I have a mic)
Location:Jacksonville Florida
Usual times of play: M-F 9-12pm est
AIM/MSN/Yahoo! (optional)
Games: SSF4(Ryu, Sagat, Fei Long, and Ibuki), metal Gear Online (not so much anymore), Fifa 11, NBA 2k11, GT5

I’m pretty good at Fifa 11, so if your serious about the game, hit me up. SSF4, I really suck and need help, lol.


SRK Name: JDM98Ferio
Location: Houston, Texas
Playtime: evenings 8pm-? Central time
Games: Super Street Fighter 4


SRK Name: Lightxdream --formerly Alex Strife–
PSN Name : Lightxdream
Location: NYC
Time: Everyday after 9pm
Games: SSF4


SRK name: Shinjojin
PSN name:Shinjojin
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Availability time: Usually on Weekends: 11:00am-9:00pm central on Saturdays, 4:00pm-9:00pm on Sundays
Got a Mic?: I do but I rarely use it since I usually prefer not to talk while playing.
Games: SSF4, BBCS, SCIV, MVC2, Tekken 6, Saint’s Row 2, Naruto Shippuden UNS2, and Zen Pinball (I’m planning on adding MVC3, MK9, Dragonball: RB2 to the list once I get them)


PSN Gamertag: kat-so
Location: United Kingdom
Usual time of play: Most days late afternoon, evenings:GMT
Games: SSF4 (Bison, Sagat, Rose)
Mic: Y

i need pratice =P


Oklahoma City, OK
PSN Gametag is KornKombat

Huge Mortal Kombat Fan!


SRK Name: Solidgear91
PSN Gamertage: Solidgear91
Location: South Carolina
Time of Play: Friday and Saturday Nights
Games: SSF4 (Bison, Ryu)


SRK Name: Fuhajin
PSN Gamer Tag: Zombieater88
Location: San Diego, CA (GMT -8)
Usual times of play: Random(Usually once a day)
Games: Super Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6, Blazblue CS


SRK Name: Famous531
PSN Gamer Tag: Famous531
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Usual times of play: Nights.
Games: Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Soul Caliber 4


SRK Name: King9999
PSN Gamer Tag: mmking9999
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Usual times of play: Nights
Games: Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, SSF4, SF2HDR, Uncharted 2, MGS4 Online, Warhawk,


SRK Name: LunarEdge
PSN Gamer Tag: LunarEdge
Location: New Jersey, USA
Usual Times of Play: Nights
Games: Marvel vs Capcom 2 & 3, SSF4, Metal Gear Online, BlazBlue Continuum Shift, Lost Planet 2, UNO