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PSN: I_Love_New_York

looking for some MvC3 games. If your good then add me


SRK Name: steamwolf
PSN Name : steamninja
Location: Florida
Time: Afternoons and evenings pretty much any day of the week currently.
Games: SSFIV: AE


SRK Name: Murk-Tactics
PSN Name: Murk-Tactics
Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Time: Morning noon some evenings
Games: AE and soon to be UMVC3

MIC: Yes


psn: Samanthakelly
games:street fighter 4 arcade edition
When am i on?: usually weekends/ weekdays (Still in university:( so a lot of work)


I’ve been really busy with my job and haven’t had time to update this thread. When I get some free time this week, I’m going to redo this thread and start from scratch… dood!


Forum name: shoryuken1979
PSN: shoryuken
Location: WA state (mic)
Time: afternoons and late nights.
Games: SSFIV AE, 3S0, MW3, GT5


PSN: Yewni
I have a mic
Location: Northern Ontario


PSN: SesshaZL
Loc. North Carolina
Games: Kof XIII and MvC2
Times: week nights, whenever on weekends


]GT: InterimAE mic avail
[]Los angeles
]Various usually afternoons
Play SSF4 AE- SFxt some UMVC3


ive been pract with balrog. how do you like him? let me know if you down for some endless

GT: InterimAE


SRK Name: watt
PSN Gamer Tag: danielc1983
Location: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Available: Mostly evenings
Games: SSF:AE, UMVC3

Feel free to add me (please put SRK in the subject).


SRK name: CallMeTetris
PSN name: CallMeTetris
Location: Minnesota
Times: Mostly evening-night, anywhere between about 4-12 PM
Games: Mostly just SSF4 and soon Injustice. Have vanilla MvC3 and MK9 but haven’t touched either in a while, also have 3S but have yet to put much time into it.


SRK: Doom PhD
Mic: Yes, but hardly used. Only when I’m matched up with people worth talking to.
Main online games: Resident Evil 6 / UMvC3 / Injustice / Third Strike / MvC2 / Skullgirls / Blazeblu
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Usual time: Friday thru Tuesday - Early evening to night. (Roughly 6:30 to 12pm)
Wednesday/Thursdays - Random. Just about any part of the day.


SRK: nualphaJPN
PSN: nualphaJPN
Mic: Nope.
Main online games: Inital D: extreme stage, Injustice, other otaku stuff
Location: Saitama, Japan
Usual time: Wednesday evenings 11pm JST (11am est/ 3pm PST) and Thursday Mornings 10:30 JST ( 9:30pm est / 2:30am pst)



Mic: No, and I turn voice off when able to.

3SO - Akuma/Yang/Chun/Remy/Hugo
HDR Classic - Blanka/Hawk/Cammy/Dictator/Claw
VF5FS - Pai/Lion
TTT2 - Ling/Leo, Lee/Lars
SFxT - Chun/Cammy, Chun/Ling, Hwo/Chun

Location: Upstate, NY.

Times: Weekends, EST


psn id: bisonsautoshop
toronto area, ontario canada
random times


PSN Fenriswoif
Have mic
Games: SF4 SFxT UMvC Skullgirls Soul caliber 5 COD ghost Battlefield 4


PSN: Chris_Assman
****Region : Canada
********Games: Tekken Tag 2, Marvel vs Capcom Origins, Injustice Gods Among u


PSN: Recruit28
San Francisco, CA
Games: Tekken Tag 2, King of Fighters XIII, AE, Mortal Kombat
Random times


PSN: smadj6470
Birmingham, UK
Games: AE (Akuma)
Marvel (Magneto, Dr. Doom, Dante)
TTT2 (Double Laws)

Looking to improve my game overall. I’ll be on usually at Fridays and the weekend. Mostly experienced in Tekken.