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I have a mic that I only use when playing FPS games.
I have 3SOE, SF4AE, SFxT
From San Diego, CA
"Allow me to reintroduce myself…"


Location : California (209)
Lets play some ganes


PSN: MelTheRebel
South Carolina (8033167885)
USF4, MK9, Injustice, UMVC3, Skullgirls, and best of all, TTT2.
I’m always online looking for a new challenger on TTT2.


PSN ID: Kayo_24
Location: Seattle, Wa
Mic: Ill find it!
Times of Play: weeknights and weekends (day/night).
Games: USSF4
Skill level: “Go easy on me” lol.


I deleted this comment.


SRK : DigitalRaptor
PSN : ForeverDigitz
Location : Moscow, Russia
Games : TTT2 / Soul Calibur 5 ( Im bad at both )
Times : (EU TIME) Evenings / Also afternoons on weekends




SRK: Shiwg
PSN ID: shwig add me Steam:psn_shwig
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Times of Play: mostly at night, semester just ended so I should be on more
Games: SSF2THD, USF4 steam/PS4
Skill level: execution issues


**Hey PSN Forums, I’M ShockBeast on PSN. Add me if you need Blanka/Guile Match-Up Experience in USF4 & Reference SRK Posting in the Friend-Request. I can also play Ryu/Hugo as Secondaries but they’re a work in progress. I always need Matchup Experience vs. All Chars. I only Play Endless so I can focus on the Matchups rather than that Points Crap. I also Stream a USF4 PSN Online Weekly. For more Info, Go to the Announcement SRK Link Below. Come hang Out, Train, & have some fun in chat, we’re a super chill group that gather for some training, tourney, & runbacks.


SRK name: SaikyoStyle
PSN name: SaikyoStyle17420
Location: Texas
Times: Randomly throughout the night
Games: Super SFIV:AE, Tekken 6
Skill Level:…Garbage.


SRK Name: Blitzkriegexe
PSNid: Blitzkrieg_exe (PS4 only)
Location: Kentucky
Mic: Yes
Times: Anytime
Games: Ultra Street Fighter 4, getting SFV on launch.
Character: Cody/Guy
Skill Level: Improving


SRK Name: LobosJordan
PSN Gamer Tag: LobosJordan
Location: Illinois
Time: Usually night 10pm-6am CT
Games: Ultra Street Fighter 4, Super Turbo HDR, SFIII 3rd Strike OE, MK9
Skill Level: Pretty noobish lol, I am a fan of fighting games and am looking to improve.


SRK Name: LobosJordan
PSN Gamer Tag: LobosJordan
Location: Illinois
Time: Mostly nights 10pm-6am CT
Games: Ultra Street Fighter IV, Super Turbo HDR, SFIII 3rd Strike OE, MK9
Character: Mostly Ryu but I use everybody
Skill Level: Beginner with basic knowledge looking to improve


username: Nixodemus1
has a mic
Location: North America, NC
games: Street Figther 4, soul calibur 4, blaz blue, most of the COD’s, Tekken 6, vanilla MvC3,


[] PSN: SPECTERLIGHT (Mic for MK X [Controller])
[*]UTOP- Varies



Old thread but just incase anyone wants to play

SRK: guyvin_juyvin_83

PSN: Anth_1983

Location: England, UK

Time: Mostly nights (timezone GMT)

Games: Umvc3, MvC2, SFV, SFIV:AE, SFIII, SF2 hd remix, Skullgirls, Kof13, Kof14, Nitroplus blasterz, Garou:MotW…

Add me :slight_smile:


In the gcc if anybody wants to play usf4 from balkans or italy please
dm me


SRK Name: BlocksWithFace
PSN Gamer Tag: BlocksWithFace
SFV Name: whens_makoto
Fight Cade Name: makotos_scarf
Location: Los Angeles
Time: Mostly Evenings, 6pm-8pm, weekends
Games: SFV, learning Skullgirls, Vampire Saviour/Darkstalkers
Character: SFV - Laura, Chun, Ken, VSavior - Lei-lei, Phobos, Anakaris
Skill Level: Beginner (Super Bronze-ish) with basic knowledge looking to improve