PSN: PP Points Disappearing


So this incident has happened before, i have 1000+pp and slowly it kept dropping, not because i was losing but just it went down by like 400 points after i had won a match. Ok, so it happened again just now about 20 mins ago, i was playing i had 900pp, i was building it back up again, I won a match, and it says “sending data”. I go back to the Network Battle screen and i have just lost 400pp, now I’m back at 500pp. I know i shouldn’t be obsessing over points, but it’s kinda annoying, i just wanna know if this has happened to anyone, and what they did??



Yes, this has happened to me before on both ps3 and pc. I don’t have a perfect solution to it but I found out if I hit start button (that’s what I did frequently) right after the match is ended, it will take longer to prompt the message “sending data” and eventually drop the client side cause it considers as a disconnection. I am not sure why but now I start to hit the start button like 2-3 seconds later, and the points deduction has not happened since then.


Thanks gigabyte, your right, the match after i was really annoyed and i was mashing start after. it came up with the message, but the whole ps3 system lagged out, and i wouldn’t let me do anything, i’ll make sure to be really patent next time, thanks man :slight_smile: