PSN problems with SSFIV:AE

Okay, so I have 360 and PS3. I am in need of some extra cash right now, so I decided to sell my 360. Before I did this, I wanted to make the switch completely over to PS3, so I traded my 360 TE stick and SSFIV for the PS3 versions of them. Right now I’m pretty much regretting I did.

For the past 2 hours, I have not been able to play a single game online. I’ll join or create a game and I will not get past the match start-up screen. It always tells me that I have been disconnected from PSN and it takes me to the home screen, however I’m still connected to the PSN when this happens.

I’ve tried everything from simply resetting my router to setting up a static IP and port-forwarding. Nothing has seemed to help. Basically I’m just wondering if this has happened to anyone else or if anyone knows how to fix this. I’ve never had this problem with the PS3 when vanilla and Super were around, and my 360 was working fine with AE. Please help, if possible.

Please Don’t set the font color to white, the site default theme is white, so I couldn’t read that at all. I quoted it and set it to black so I could read it.

Regardless, I won’t judge your decision on selling the 360(although I would have sold the PS3). I would probably assume that this issue could be an external issue with your wifi. Try changing the broadcast channel, if it is overcrowded it will not work properly. The easiest way to test what the problem is would be to temporarily hook your PS3 up to ethernet and see if you can start a match. If it does, then we can work our way from there.

hahaha, wow. Sorry bout that, I didn’t know changing the theme changed my font color (obviously new here).
I actually still have the 360, but anyway, I would still like to fix this somehow. I’ll try those. Although it would take a bit to directly connect my PS3. Thanks.