psn/ps3 games

Looking to get buy a new game cant figure out any good ones. Any suggestions are appreciated. Ill list the games i already have.

1.Spider man web of shadows
3.Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
4.gt4(this was a mistake)
6.madden 09
9.NBA 2k9

OH BTW: i dont paly FPS’s for console so no killzone 2 or resistance 2. PSN reccomendations(is that spelled wrong?) are good too

Uncharted was a good game.

Resident Evil 5
Dead Space
Valkyria Chronicles

Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection
Soul Calibur 4
Heavenly Sword

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and Resident Evil 5 are the only 2 games i can think of.

you know, if you’re a PC gamer and dont play FPS’s on a console just because you’re only option is a controller, I can tell you several ways how to use a Mouse and WASD keyboard for your FPS games on the PS3.

Street Fighter II HD Remix should be purchased regardless, its cheap enough that it won’t affect your next purchase. If you’re a SF fan, then also get SF4.

He has a list of the games that he already owns… both of the games you mention are on his list, so this doesn’t help him out much.

Burn Zombie Burn is SO much fun.

i just bought sonic’s ultimate genesis collection. its mostly genesis games and a few arcade versions of games as well. if you have a joystick, it adds to the old school arcade feel. $30 new too.

Other than buying one of those ps3-specific combos or only playing UT3, what option is there?

How about MK2? Only $4.99 on PSN, how can you not get it?

Megaman 9
PixelJunk Monsters

Seconding this, awesome game if you like Tower Defence (and who doesn’t?)

Dude… You should get Valkyria Chronicles. It’s one of the best games I had the chance to play on PS3. After that, you would probably like Uncharted, Fallout 3 and Prince of Persia. Heavenly Sword is also great and PixelJunk Monsters is one of the most addictive games I had the chance to play.

Pixel Junk Eden is an awesome game. Must own.

visuals and soundtrack is off the hook.

also, since you have DMC listed, Ninja Gaiden Sigma. It’s a greatest hits too so cheap.

one of the best action games out. plus NGS 2 is due out this fall.

I’ve put in gawd awful amount into NGS. fighting system is so deep it almost feels like a fighter.

gem of a game.

oh and if you like driving games, GT5P.

Get Suikoden fron PSN Store. It’s better than most mediocre RPGs out now. I second Valkyria Chronicles, though.

Oops, I misread the original post, I thought it was a list of games he was considering.

No need for troll police to get their panties tied up, mistakes happen.