PSN Ranked Match odditys

Anyone else been noticing a lot of people turning up on the Euro server with absolutely zero points for either themselves or their character, and they turn out to be actually pretty decent players?

Maybe I just suck, or I’m being super-trolled by players with multiple PSNs.

Annoying part is that a loss to the zero-rankers often costs me up to 100pp a match with very little to gain from the experience (except for lots of Akuma air-fireballs).

Anyways, rant over.


This aint just the Euro server its everywhere I have played countless people with little to 0pp and there were actually gd (most of them still lost tho mwhahaha). Like u said its probably people with multiple PSN accounts or like me they just dont play ranked that much.

However can’t u just search 4 people of the same skill as u or even more skilled?