PSN Replay channel


Does anyone know how to get character specific replays beyond just “Turbo” “III” and “Alpha”? I’m trying to look for replays of Makoto vs Cody and the game keeps on scrolling through replays of Cammy, Ibuki etc.

If this isn’t some kind of feature, it should be!


3 Options you could do;

  1. Search ‘Makoto vs Cody’ for matches on youtube.
  2. Find a high ranked Makoto player on the leaderboard (that uploads replays), then follow them. Whenever they upload a match of their win you’ll get offered to save it when you go on PSN. They’ll play a Cody eventually.
  3. Go into this part of the replay theatre [details=Spoiler]

[/details] and look for Makoto vs Cody matches. Could take 5 mins+ though.

I do agree with you there should be a ‘search for replay by character’ option though.