PSN SF IV community tier list


We all seen so many “official” tier lists and we’ve all said from time to time, “why is “X” so high?” If about 100 of us posts our top 5 worst matchups and keep track of how many times each character lands in the top 5 and at what spot, we can probably eliminate all the “‘X’ shouldn’t be that high” mess.

From the main menu go to Player Data->Character Record and the R1 to tab over to win rate percentages. The last 5 at the bottom would mark your PERSONAL worst matchups which may or may NOT be different from everyone else. Let’s just start with the top 5 worst matchups for each individual PLAYER as and not so much CHARACTER matchups for now just to test the waters…

Here’s my top 5 worst:

  1. Zangief - 35.13% (<<<—anemic, ain’t it? lol)
  2. Honda - 53.70%
  3. Abel - 67.94%
  4. Bison (Dictator) - 68.51%
  5. Balrog (Boxer) - 69.23%

Okay I took out Seth at number 3 to keep it G! :slight_smile:


Dude…not only did Sep move your previous thread he closed it as well. Are you actively looking to get infractibanned?