PSN SF4 problem

Would just like to ask a question. Since I have gotten my PS3 (After I sold off my Xbox.) I purchased SF4 again.

I have not been able to see any created games, and have had to either create my own or invite friends. However I did find some ports to forward for the PSN in general.

(80 TCP
443 TCP
5223 TCP
3478-9 UDP
3658 UDP)

I ask this now because I fear I might still have this problem once SSF4 comes out, and I would really like the ability to join a game. Please if anyone knows anything let me know. Have not been able to really find anything on this in the past.

r u serious? you bought sf4 when super sf4 is just right around the corner?

Anyways to answer your question, if you can connect to PSN then most likely its not ur connection. I had this happened to me once, you just need to restart your ps3, just a stupid glitch where it wont let you create a game.

I bought it a long while back but wanted some opinions because I forsee the same things happening with Super Street Fighter. Since things will mostly be the same.

Also Its not that I cannot create a game, its that I cannot see any games that other people create. It always says it cannot find a game. So I need to make my own or just linger in arcade until someone joins.

That’s mostly just a case of not enough people online since most everyone’s just dropped it and waiting for IV (heck, even I haven’t played online in ages).

Thats not the case either, its been like this since last year.

There are still tons of people playing on PSN. As a matter of fact the number of people online has more than doubled in the past 2 weeks but, will probably sharply decline on tuesday.

I have my PS3 hardwired to my router and my PS3 set to a static IP with that IP set to the DMZ IP on my router and I have still only played one single 5 bar game in the entire year+ I’ve owned SF4.

The online just really sucks that bad.

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