PSN SSF2T HD Remix Tournament - Thursday September 2nd 2010

Hah, I’d be the first to sit if there were 17 at tournament time.

sign me up please

Heh, good point. Okay if there’s 18 people by tourney time, by all means take me out.

What do you play in Rock Band 2? Do you have an online group you play with?

Hey I might actually not have to work thursday night, I’m in.

Damn. Haven’t been on in awhile. I’m in if you still have room.

Sent from my Commadore 64

Hey guys, I would play, but for some reason, my 25 mbps internet connection lags really bad on HDR. It’s damn near impossible to play HDR online for me anymore.

I can play any instrument in Rock Band 2 on expert, but I have an old drum set, so I can’t really score high on some of the harder songs. Although I think I can still get 96% or higher on Painkiller Expert with one bass pedal…

You looking to play?

Hey Titan, you can count me in too. Thanks for doing this.

Got room for one more, assuming everyone shows up.

I’m down if you need another body.

I’ll put you on the list. That’s 16.


guys I am leaving work now. I should be there by 10pm central. Give me a little cushion though.


Thanks to all those who showed up, including binstone who filled in and had a good run.

1st: madpossum
2nd: RenoMD
3rd: binstone
4th: Lord_Kakaloto

Damn you work for making me forget about the tourney.

thanks for hosting another tournament titan, you da man.

GGs to KTM, DJREIGN, binstone, and RenoMD (twice, LOL) in the tourney. Thanks to Titan for hosting, it was a lot of fun.

And the top two finishers are Hondas. GOD DAMN HONDAS! But good stuff to binstone, if you were using DJ. Good to see some true DJ representation!

RenoMD was playing as Dictator, at least against me.

While I’m at it, this is going to be my match videos post, as they get encoded.