PSN Store Is Live + Welcome Back Program

The PSN Store is now back in business, complete with a huge update on games, dlc, themes, avatars, etc. The Welcome Back program, however, isn’t live just yet, as detailed below:

“You may have noticed that the content promised as part of the Welcome Back offer is not yet live. It is currently in the final stages of testing and will be available to download soon; we’ll be sure to let you know when.”

More information here, including a full list of dowloadable content added to the store:

The blog mentions another store update due for this coming friday(June 3rd). It could be the Welcome Back program, but nothing official has been said, so it’s just speculation for now.

Also, due to the high amount of people trying to get their fix, the store is having a lot of errors and being really glitchy right now, so I wouldn’t advise going in there right away. I myself will probably just wait till tomorrow. Hopefully things will have calmed down by then xP Then I can get my Arcana and Platinum the Trinity x) Happy hunting, everyone!

Just in time! I almost had a heart attack about missing AE. Even though it’s five days away.

I hear that! I was getting really worried that this downtime would pass the DLC release date for AE. Then I really would’ve been screwed! I’ll probably buy the disc too, just for the convenience of having everything on disc, rather than tied to my console. Makes it easier to carry around to gatherings and whatnot. That was probably Capcom’s plan all along xP they knew I couldn’t resist!

Apologies for Double Post. It seems kinda buggy at the moment.

Yeah, it’s to be expected right now due to the high volume of people trying to get in there. If you retry a couple times, it lets you through. However, as you’re browsing through the store, you’ll more than likely get errors and have to back out and reload the tab you’re in a few times. It’s just having trouble handling the millions of people that have been waiting around for the store to return. Should be better by this afternoon. Or at least I would hope so xP

Ha. Let’s hope! I’ve been wanting to cash in on my Uncharted 2 Special Edition stuff, as well as go ahead and pick up some of the bonus costumes for Arcade Edition.

I miss the good old days of Uncharted 2 lol I used to dominate that game and enjoyed a good reign of tyranny over the leaderboard for a while, but it wasn’t meant to last :confused: updates ruined that game for me, so I quit lol Kinda looking forward to the beta for Uncharted 3, now that everyone will have access due to the free month of Playstation Plus. I was also looking to pick up the Complete Ultra Costumes Pack for my SSFIV haha

The beta is looking awfully tasty so far, I can’t wait to get my hands on some two player online action from a single game~

I want that complete package because I wanna get Ryu that freakin’ awesome Head Wrap thing, who doesn’t wanna go into SF4 with a Gangsta Ryu?

Yeah, I admit it does look good. The only thing I had to kinda bother me was all the scrub mechanics in the game. You have boosters, kickbacks, AND power plays. It’s pretty ridiculous at this point lol Boosters I already don’t like just because I prefer relying more on skill and hate being killed by people that are able to see me through walls(aka, the situational awareness booster of Uncharted 2). Kickbacks are pretty much a 3rd booster. You choose a kickback before each match and after you gain the amount of medals needed, you can use your kickback. A few of them are disappearing in a puff of smoke, spawning a random rocket launcher, etc. As for power plays, the losing team is given them when they’re getting blown out. I’m pretty sure they last for 1 minute and range anywhere from giving the losing team double damage, to giving them a radar to find all the members of the winning team. Regardless, these probably won’t break the game or anything. I’m looking forward to that beta!

Lol gangsta ryu looks badass. I want to get the school uniform for Makoto xP

School Uniform makes me think that Makoto and Sakura are gonna go Columbine on someone’s dojo, except instead of guns, they’re shooting energy beams and high powered punches at everyone.

The boosters and such do suck, but special abilities and such always sell really well in shooters. You know how Call of Duty does it? Well, They’re trying to out do their method. And they will. Uncharted 2 for Game of the Year in 2011 Anyone?

Unfortunately, they do attract more players. I just don’t want Naughty Dog to try being too much like COD. I enjoyed Uncharted *because *it wasn’t like COD. They already beat MW2 with Uncharted 2, so I’m hoping they do it again with U3 lol They’ll also have to compete with Battlefield 3 though, so who knows.

Well think about it Guilty. U3 Is gonna smash all other shooters because lets face it, how many games let you have the option of not only going into a firefight, but having CREATIVE WAYS TO KILL REAL OPPONENTS! Seriously though, Guns are only one way to solve your problems in U2, In U3, There will be even more options, and more epic ways to go about your battles with your opponents.

I was wondering what happened to the “Welcome Back” program redemptions, too! I know I’m taking advanntage of it as long as I have disc space on the HD!

You know there’s going to be a mad rush when that comes through…
Yeah, I experienced glitches last night when I tried to get online. I DID get to the Store but there were a number of bugs and items I couldn’t take a look at. Too busy or buggy still.

I’ve got my eyes on a few oldies but goodies that I never got around to buying on disc or online the first time around…

Yeah I always loved just pulling people off cliffs lol Plus, I like that you now have the option of knocking off someone you’re hanging next to, where as before it was a race to see who could drop and pull their gun first(trying to race the other guy to the top was a bad idea; pull down!).

I’m kinda guessing the Welcome Back program will start on friday since we’re having another store update on that day, but time will tell. Eager to get inFamous since I never got to play it lol and having that month’s worth of Playstation Plus will lock everyone into the early beta of Uncharted 3 x)

The store will probably be buggy for like 2 days. If you keep trying to access those downloads you want to view or purchase, it will load eventually after a few attempts. It’s just kind of annoying right now lol

I think I’ll wait for the “Welcome Back” program to get around, this should also address the issue of psnstore being glitchy after being up for a few days.

new updates are crappy, though i need to buy the costume pack for ssf4

I need Catan!

Honestly, there wasn’t much added to the store that I really cared for either lol I only wanted the Complete Ultra Costume Pack(SSFIV), Arcana Heart 3 and Platinum the Trinity for Blazblue. Now I’ll just be waiting for those freebies so I can get inFamous(PS3), Wipeout Fury(PS3), LBP(PSP), and Modnation Racers(PSP).

At any rate, I think we can all agree that it’s good to be able to buy shit digitally yet again.

Yeah I had plenty of money waiting to throw at Sony xP