PSN Tournament Saikyo Style!

Would anybody be interested in an all Dan mainers tournament? If there is enough participants I’ll make scheduled fights. As title says PSN only and if possible U.S only but if there aren’t lag issues may enter. One last thing this will be for fun, no actual grand prize though…

I would certainly participate if I were in the U.S.

id play. pending time and date, I’ll be swamped at work, over the next couple weeks.

I’m down depending when it is.

I would like to be in it, but seeing as Sweden is a bit of a distance away from the US, I think it would lag too much to be any fun :frowning:

Cool 4 possible contestants. With the amount of people that frequent this board I’d figure we’d only have 8 contestants but I’ll wait a week or two to see who wants in and I’ll start making a schedule for fights. Also, I’ll make a chat room to test our connections. This tournament will probably be all day Saturday and Sunday, but if some contestants can’t participate for some reason then we’ll have scheduled fights weekly.

Count me in. Check out my PSN name.

I’m down.

I’ll give it a go, sure.

Doesn’t sound enjoyable to me, but I hope ya get a decent turnout!

Registration ends this week Thursday, on Friday contestants please leave your PSN/location/time you’re usually on. I was hoping to gather some top Dan players, and maybe even add something to the video thread. Wish there was a spectator mode. If any of you can record your matches please do (even in poor quality), might help other Dans out there. Unless of course you guys want your Saikyo powers to remain secret it’s cool lol.

i will join not really a dan player but i will train to enter this great tourney
After 6

although im not from the US. i would be interested if someone could record a few matches, be good to see some ‘dan on dan’ action LOL sounds so wrong. Like with a camcorder to the side, as i like to hear the commentary or things ppl say during matches hehe.

If you wait until after Sept. 13th I can participate :lol:

Alright I guess thats it. I hope the rest of you are still participating, once everyone posted their info by tomorrow I’ll start scheduling, making rules and chat room.

Nooooo~! Don’t close entries now!
I want iiiiiin~!

Location- SoCal
Time- Weekends 12p.m-6p.m

Sure Ashkente, today is the last day and I assumed no one else would join. Put your info up by tomorrow so I can check Saturday and organize the info.

It’ going to be double- elimination

Best of 5 matches with each match best of 5 rounds. Meaning first one to win 3 matches wins, and each match set to 5 in player settings match.

Mandatory connection test before matches start.

If a match has a complete draw, meaning on both participants draw on the 5th round, they’ll redo the entire match if results are 2-2. Otherwise it counts as a win for both sides.

If someone disconnects you will redo the entire match.

If connection to laggy I will arrange specific opponents but should the two meet in finals or other scenarios, they must fight irregardless of lag.

Be respectful, report if there are troubles such as harassment. If there is enough complaints, you can be disqualified.

Have fun, Saikyo spirit!

PSN: Ashkente
Location: New Mexico, just south of ABQ
Saturday: 1pm - 3:30pm
Sunday 12-3:30pm
Monday 2:30pm-4pm
Tuesday 2pm - 2am
Wednesday 2pm - 2am
Thurs - unavailable
Friday - 2:30pm - 2am

Would prefer to book matches at least 12-24hrs in advance, as I have a wife and 4month old to consider too. ^^b

Only 3 so far, I need the rest of your info guys to start the tournament.

did it happen already i didn’t get anythng?