PSN Username "Cammy"

Hi there, Recently ive decided to give up gaming and don’t require my PSN username anymore.

The username ive had since 2003 has hundreds of pounds worth of DLC on the account, Lots of trophies (including 5 platinums) and access to the exclusive PS3 beta forums and any upcoming beta games (killzone 3 for example).

Ive come here to sell all this because The name Cammy is very popular in street fighter and it just to happens to be my nick name (even though im not a street fighter fan).

If anyone is interested in buying I am looking for £500 for the username as ive put alot of time and effort into it and bought lots of DLC and not to mention a PS+ subscription for 1 year.

  • Cammy

A. Not sure if this is allowed.
B. You’ve had the PSN name since 2003?
C. Haha you actually bought a PS+ sub. Lolz.

A. Well, It is because I’m selling my time and effort.
B. Yeah I’m a Beta tester and got it back in 2003
C. And yeah Lol.

double post.

hmmm… Nah, I’m good.
Need to save my money for alot of other things when I have my account for free and all my effort on my account. (trophies, friends and whatever else.)

Plus I’m american >.> sooo I have $ not £ lol

Absolutely nobody is going to throw down money for this. Especially since you joined today and we have absolutely no idea who you are. Even if it’s not a scam(which it really smells like it is), just can’t trust the other guy on the other side of the computer screen.

Thats a fair point, But there are loads of ways i could make it safe for the buyer.

is that 500 pounds I see? You must be smoking some expired weed.
why would anyone buy a PSN account called “cammy” for that kind of money? I’m guessing you probably didn’t even spend 500 pound on downloads, you’re just over pricing based on your PSN level and the fact that it’s called cammy. No one cares about trophies, especially if they’re not earned. Who cares about what level your PSN account is? This isn’t WOW.

It seems like I have to post this way too often.
There is a section for all trading to be completed in, called the Trading Outlet.

Within there, you will also findrules that are in place to present scam “artists” (and I use that term extremely loosely) from coming in and off-loading a pile of crap on the members of the forums.


Also, PSN beta was not active in 2K3, and you were unable to purchase permanent items in the beta phase.

TL;DR: eat shit, and get a job.

im sorry but if im not mistaken psn was used on ps2 games like socom and stuff like that, but i could be wrong.

Ah thanks, Sorry I didn’t realise I came here only to ask a question.

And the PSN beta was started in 2003 it was called Central Station back then and back then there was no DLC they posted us the discs.

I want to see who’s going to buy this!