**Hey PSN Forum, I’m Shock (Gary) (ShockBeast on PSN) & I got a couple of announcements for the PSN Scene. 1st off, Season 2 of our Monday Bar Fights!! will start Soon… Be Sure To Stay Tuned for MBF Season-2 Reveal Announcement by Following me on Twitter @ (MBF is a WEEKLY STREAMED ONLINE USF4 PSN TOURNEY with a PRIZE-POOL PAYOUT SYSTEM to TOP-3 Finishers Streaming from a Arcade-Bar GameRoom.) PSN PRIZE-CODES UPDATED WEEKLY. Go to the Channel link below for more Info on Prize-Pool, Tournament Rules & Registration Link @: Also, Follow the Channel for your chance to win a PSN CODE on Stream. This Channel is Dedicated to all the Great People I met on the PSN EcoSystem while playing Various FG’s which kept me on PSN all these years. Follow the Channel to Support Shock’s Effort to Promote the FGC’s PSN Scene. Also Follow me on Twitter so you don’t miss a Stream @ShockBeast_. I can also be contacted on PSN @ShockBeast.
If your a OFFLINE WARRIOR, View our Local FGC Scene’s Offline Forum Thread here on SRK, We’re Currently Recruiting Local Players to Form a Local FGC Team for Offline Competition which is a separate venture from the Online Tourney but may Overlap with MBF. ATTENTION! 209 Area-(209 Region in Cen-Cal,CA) Players Interested in a OFFLINE FGC SCENE/LOCAL TEAM

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Thread (Good Games, Matchmaking & Discussion)
PSN Player IDs/Games Directory & NAT Settings

ANNOUNCEMENT: OK Guys!! Just sorted out some things on my end!! You guys ready for some Reveals?? GET HYPE!! For Monday Bar Fights!! Season 2 Opener this Monday Night (4/27) @ my Arcade-Bar GameRoom. MBF Season 2 will run for 6 weeks. For registration link, MBF Rules & Prize-Pool Info, go to the Channel Above for more info. Stay Tuned, as I’ll post more updates on this thread & twitter…for those of you that are on the fence about this, or can’t make it out, be sure to catch the Stream at the channel above. Also Support the Channel by Following + Followers have a chance to Win a Prize out of MBF Prize-Pool (View Channel for more Info).


ANNOUNCEMENT: Since MBF is now ONLINE & OFFLINE, All Information pertaining to this Tournament will now be Posted in the Tournaments Catagory on a NEW Thread From Now On @: Be sure to Follow This OFFICIAL MBF FORUM THREAD for Current Updates/Reveals/Results & Season Schedules. Also Follow me on Twitter for more current Info @