Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any experience playing on both XBL and PSN. I own an 360 and a PS3, but I only play SF on PSN. Is the experience on XBL significantly better? Is it worth buying another copy of the game and another TE stick?

I wouldn’t say “Significantly”… It’s pretty good on PSN, though I found that I had less lag spikes on XBL (This was back when I had one a few years ago, so it was Vanilla SF4)

This may be minor, but it always takes 5-10 seconds or so to join a game on PSN, whereas it’s instantaneous on XBL.

Doesn’t matter, pick one and play.

I already have. I’m asking if it’s worth switching to another version.

Free is always better

Not really, but having both options is a pretty good idea.

XBL is bad.

PSN is unplayable.

and you sir, have no idea what you’re talking about.

Aren’t they both P2P for AE? If so there should not be a noticeable difference.

PSN is horrible.

The quality of play, not the network quality.


I run into so many fucktards on PS3. Free isn’t always better. A certain quality of person pays for their shit to be better…

BTW: I <3 Ps3

Your connection must suck. I can still link consistently on PSN (4 bars only). I would hardly consider that “unplayable”.

This is something I would consider “significant”. Are you saying XBL has more guys trying to improve their skills rather than improve their ranking?

When I was playing Vanilla, that seemed to be the consensus. There was also, IIRC, a lot less scrubbery trash talking.

I rarely run into quality fighting game players on it. I’m no pro at SF4 by any means, so I get scrubbed out, but compared to what I see on streams and from tournie videos… They suck.

I didn’t say anything about XBL. I don’t play on it. I just know the level of play on PSN is horrible.

XBL is pretty fun, though I have no PSN experience. I rarely get matched against people who only know one move, or whatever. It’s always Ken, and always SRKs if I do heh

AFAIK I have the most expensive residential internet service available in the city I live in. I play with a wired connection to the console without any other devices connected to the modem. I play green bar matches only (some become yellow after the match ends, there is nothing I can do about that).

I have played thousands of matches on PSN and XBL. There is significantly less input delay on XBL. Maybe its regional, I don’t know.

i play on PSN and i know i suck just make the switch…xbl one ups psn in everyway for multiplat.

Thanks for the info on input delay. That’s exactly the comparison i was looking for.

Let’s not go down this stupid road again. It’s 2009 all over again.