PSN/XBL CvS2 Signature Petition for Ono :D

Just an Idea, maybe we can have the same results as Darkstalkers :slight_smile: :china:

I’ll sign.

wtf is CvS2? Is that a new graphics card

yes indeed newfag

Signed. CvS2 is awesome.

I don’t care how pointless this thread is, I’ll sign it anyway. If that game had tits and a vagina, I’d marry it. Emulation isn’t there yet for netplay, so the far-off hope for a current-gen console port is all I got.



This probably won’t accomplish a thing, but signed.

Yeah! that’s why i want this on Newgen online system. GGPO is far away from supporting Naomi games :frowning:

First of all, where are you supposed to even sign? Second, this one is VERY pointless, because Capcom can’t do anything without the permission of SNK.

So much fail.

BTW I don’t see how people would support a port of CvS2 to next gen because 1) of all the hate that game would get when it was played and 2) You’ll support a new Darkstalkers but you won’t instead ask of a next gen port of VS/VC? Yeah, this is SRK all right.

And yeah, pretty sure SNK approval is needed. Making blind “sign me” threads isn’t going to accomplish anything.

Well, not to be technical here but if enough people petition this Ono person (guy who made sfiv?) and he notices it maybe he’ll set up a meeting with snk. Im just sayin’…

Just a thought but maybe you “sign” by posting in here…


Shit man, I would kill a man to get this game on a newer system with decent online play.

Sign even though it’s pointless.

I’d prefer a CvS3, but Capcom already has plenty on the plate for upcoming fighting games, so CvS2 rerelease would be a good way to tide us over.

If CVS 2 came out I would def buy it and play it all the time. So I guess Sign, this to me is cooler than darkstalkers by far.

Sign times infinity



eh…sure why not. Wouldn’t hurt.

Signed, worth a shot