PSN/XBL Role Call

XBL: ParryAll

I wanna see where the oldschool community is going to be. I know the new school cats are 360 primarily.

Not to troll PSN but I hope some of you PSN cats consider a change. XBL has noticeably less lag across all fighting games, and the community is bigger, stuff like party chat is a must, etc.

However, I would consider a switch to PSN if that’s where my old oldschool XBox1 and Maryland area heads are going to be.

Right now our Pittsburgh scene is primarily XBL:

XBL:Oh Rock Steady

and more to come.

Ok that’s that post away folks!

Whoops I meant “Roll Call”. Mod please change.

My “Role” is of course is quintesential Q troller of the millenia.

And Alex, Elena, Remy on the side.

CounterHit AKA V4MPIRO, PSN for me just because is free and my Gamer tag: Counterhit_SRK
And my main characters will be Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Yun, Hugo, Urien, Dudley, Remy and Sean.

I’ll be on PSN. RiotGuard

XBL: GentlemanTryken.

And can you please update these Live/PSN tags into the original post for convenience?

Secondly, I think that it’s not redundant to the last thread, only because this pertains to those who plan to purchase Third Strike OE (if that is the case). That means the names will be a little more accurate on this list.